Monday, October 25, 2010

Which is full of eerie stories...

I know I should be fired from life for making such a terrible pun, but I made the pun anyway...
When I say "eerie stories," I must disappoint my readers. This is not a Halloween-themed, ghost-story filled post. This is full of ears. Ear-y... eerie... get it? Lame, I know. *sigh*

Now, you must be wondering why I am so keen about talking about my ears. Is it because I have the most delicate earlobe and most beautiful inner-ear one has ever seen? Alas, no. The topic of ears comes into play in relation to cosplay.

Indeed, I have decided that, this year, I would get ready for the summer conventions in advance and start working on my costumes now. This is because I do not want to be stuck in a half-depression like last summer, and end up botching some work and skiving off sleep just in order to sew some more... Not that I do not enjoy sewing: I just need some sleep too. However, I have a dress to sew for my mum, which I promised I would have finished by next month. This means that I cannot start sewing a new project until then (or I might get distracted). Concentrating on sewing my mum's dress, though, still allows me to work on other cosplay pieces, such as wigs, accessories and prosthetics.

As it turns out, my cosplays for next summer need a lot of ear-work. Why? Because for some random reason, none of the characters I have chosen to cosplay has normal ears. Just my bleeding luck for me to choose this sort of thing! *sigh* I am looking forward to the day I will decide to have an uncomplicated life. Because, right now, I fail abysmally at making my life easy...

The ears I will need are (the bold names in colour are links to pictures, if you wish to see):

a) Persocom ears (persocom stands for "personal computer" and it is from the Chobits series by CLAMP) for Chii (the weird pink and white things poking out the side of her head are the ears)

b) Elf ears (I hardly need to tell you what those are) of a really long length for Pirotess (from the Lodoss War series, do not ask me how I will change my skin colour, please!)

c) Cat ears (very unusual cat ears) for Naria (from the Visions of Escaflowne t.v. series, she is the one on the left with the purple inner-ear)

I told you this would be an ear-filled post. This is basically my current project. Make three sets of ears (or commission them from someone). I have the intention of purchasing the elf and cat ears, as they seem more complicated to make. I have found, however, some great tutorials on how to make persocom ears out of craft foam. I look forward to making those.

As for the cat ears... they got me a little down in the dumps, mostly because I enquired on the cost for a commission of the cat-ears and that, because they would be custom-made, they would be around 350$. As a poor, penniless student, I obviously cannot afford ears at that price. I will try and fashion them myself... maybe out of craftfoam or out of that other plastic thingy (the name of which completely slips my mind right now) that can be shaped while heated... It will be the time to experiment and try stuff out.

The elf ears, really, are the easy part. I found a great online store that sells them (they're about 6-8 inches in length!) for a modest price, along with make-up and adhesives. I think the Pirotess outfit will go well. I am also very hopeful for the Chii one.

The Naria costume concerns me, though. As you will have guess from my name, I love this character above any other character (I have been head-over-heels for the silver cat-girl since I was ten). I really want to make her costume perfect and potentially make her my signature cosplay. But I insist on making the costume perfect or I shall not cosplay her... otherwise I will feel like I am disrespecting my favourite character... I am really scared of that costume... it will take a lot of time and work... and tons of spandex! (Can't wait to see how that will turn out!)

On a completely different note, I am finally getting in shape. It is not on a purely voluntary basis, though. Do not get me wrong, I want to get in shape! I have been needed to get back in shape for months (especially if I want to cosplay a spandex-clad character!). The only thing is, my exercise currently consists of choreography rehearsals with Savoy. Do not get me wrong, our choreographer is really nice and really helpful and I really like her... the problem is that I think she is also the reincarnation of an agent from the Spanish Inquisition. The stuff she makes us do! It hurts so much! I nearly cried at the last rehearsal and could not feel my arms for several minutes after the warm-up... the WARM-UP!!! I think she has a mildly sadistic side behind all that kindness and she delights in the looks of pain on the faces of the girls chorus. I still think our choreographer is nice though. The show will turn out great!

Finally, I went on a date with Michael last night. Our first date in MONTHS! I cannot believe how busy we have been. But it was so nice to be treated out for dinner and have a nice drink. My drink was a really good cocktail called the "Blue Sapphire." It would have been two dollars less had I ordered it as a virgin cocktail, but then the drink would have been nothing but lemon juice with a tad of sugary syrup... not really worth it as a virgin drink. There was no less than four alcohols in that drink: including Blue Curacao (which granted the drink its colour and name) and Amaretto. It was like liquid candy! Delicious!

I am really glad I went out with Michael alone. I really enjoyed it and had fun. I love my friends, but, all too often, whenever Michael and I are out of the house, we are always with friends. It was good to be out of the house on our own. It was really nice. And really kind of relaxing (you thought I would say "romantic!!" Admit it!). It was not the most romantic evening I have had with Michael, but it was nice and I really appreciated it nonetheless. We finished off the evening by having a sinfully chocolaty chocolate souffle... My God, that souffle was rich! But the chocolate was so gooooooood *drools*...
And a movie night really ended our evening. It was fun. I wish Michael was not at rehearsal tonight... thinking of him makes me horny, lol. ^_^


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In which an essay is completed

Okay, I will have to finally admit it. I AM BRILLIANT!
No, seriously.
I finished an essay last night in roughly 4 hours. I had done absolutely no work on this essay beforehand. I had done no readings. I simply started writing what I thought would be a crappy essay - as a spur of the moment thing - at 8 p.m. last night. The essay was due this morning. The people whom I had proof read it thought it was an excellent essay. I must say, with 10 secondary sources and 7 pages, for a "quickie" of an essay, it is, indeed, a creation of pure genius. Especially as I managed to write something good about a really crappy play.

I still find it unbelievable how good I am at writing essays, despite hating them. The worst grade I have ever gotten on an essay was a B-. And that was after a Savoy cast-party and tons of red-bull (in my first year, the essay was completed at 6 a.m.). When I start essays at a proper time (the evening before the essay is due) it turns out very well... despite how much I detest, loathe and scorn essays.

Enough self-flattery now. I just thought that I should make those few people who were NOT jealous of my essay writing skills yet, jealous as of this moment. (Lol, just kidding - you know that, right?)

One of the plays I decided to write about was Aphra Behn's The Rover. This stupid play is super popular because, apparently, Aphra Behn was a feminist. FEMINIST MY ASS! She does give her female characters determination and, more importantly, "a voice" at the beggining of her play, but during the entirety of the play, she seeks to subdue that voice and eventually silences it completely by having her female characters "bravely" married to "men of quality."
The play has about three plots, but the one turning around Florinda, the main (and typically romantic) heroine, is absolutely riddiculous! She is in love with a dude called Belvile and she tries to go against her brother's will and marry him in secret. But the stupid tart fails, because the one time when she doe have the guts to do something sexually licentious, she is mistaken for a whore and nearly raped! So much for representing female desire as a good thing, Aphra Behn! Obviously, Behn thought it was wrong, otherwise Florinda would have succeeded in her plans with her lover and there would have been nothing more to it. I am certain that Behn thought that women had their place as properly married, and virginal (and faithful) until their wedding. This is certainly what transpires from her allegedly "feminist" play!

Also, Florinda proves herself as being an even GREATER nit-wit later on in the play! After a THIRD rape attempt on her person, by no less than 4 men at once, she is discovered as being a "maid of quality" i.e. a lady of good birth. The men are shocked to discover this, as all they wanted was to "ruffle a harlot" (... "rape a whore"... nicely said) and they apologize. And the stupid tart Florinda ACCEPTS their appology! Although she does not say it, what the bottom line of her words are is this: "Oh, well, because you appologized, it's all okay!!" (She is totally what inspired the stereotype of the airheaded, dumb-blonde cheerleader!).

*Sigh* The Rover was a waste of my time. But I still think my essay about it was pretty good - considering the material I had to work with!

On another note... my new computer is AWESOME!! Okay, so it was expensive... and yes, bloody Windows 7 is going to take some getting used to... (*sigh* I want the CLASSIC XP view back! I do not care about how "cool" and Mac-like Windows 7 looks... Apple computers suck anyway!) I really wish XP were still in place. On the other hand, my computer still rocks. It is larger than the old one and lighter. It performs better and much more smoothly... It. Is. EPIC!

... I think that's it...

Oh, yeah. I e-mailed some professional cosplayers for some cosplay advice (about the costumes I will make for the summer). I may be starting to make my own latex prosthetics!! ^_^ Their advice was awesome and I truly appreciated it! (Thank you Sarcasm-Hime and Lillyxandra!) I cannot believe how nice these people are, and how willing they are to share their knowledge. It is heart-warming and makes me want to give them a great big HUG! ^_^
Anyways - look forward on more cosplay news... I will probably be posting pictures of my progress. Until then, I will let you guess what I will be doing next year. Feel free to discuss it if the suspense is too much for you! lol ;-P

That is it! for now...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

In which there was an awesome party

Last night, the McGill Savoy Society (best student society in the world!) hosted a party in collaboration with Queer McGill (another awesome student society) called Into the Wild(e). The event refered specifically to Oscar Wilde, wildly famous (pun totally intended) author and poet who will never be forgotten thanks to his hilarious play, The Importance of Being Ernest, and to his dark novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Incidentally, has anyone seen the Dorian Gray movie which stars Ben Barnes and Collin Firth? It is absolutely AWESOME! Watch it if you can - it was sadly never released in Canada *cries*.

Here is the facebook description of the event, to give you a better idea of it:
Into the Wild(e) celebrates the counterculture of 19th century England, from the high-fashion fancies of Jimmy Whistler, to the perverse passions of Lily Langtry, to the free-spirited sexuality of Wilde himself. Get dressed up in your best armor, corset or codpiece and dance / drink to the memory of the people who queered England!
In the spirit of Oscar himself, no colonial (or any other) oppression allowed!

Basically, it was a kick-ass dance party with lots of people in really cool costumes. Michael went as a respectable Victorian gentleman, my roommate went as a proper governess, and I myself went as a Victorian harlot. We looked awesome! The other costumes looked great too, but we truly rocked the house! We even came in with a backstory.
Here it is:

Mr. Beckett = Michael
Melinda Smythe = my roommate
Claire = Me

Claire was orphaned at a very young age and forced to live out her life in the misery of 19th century London. The hardships of life in the lower classes of London was difficult for her and, like many women who did not work in factories, Claire went for her only other option: prostitution.
However, on her sixteenth birthday, after being "on the market" for two years, Claire received the visit of a notary who held a large, fancy looking will. Claire was discovered to be the long lost daughter of a rich countess and the sole heiress to the fortune and title.
This is how, in her sixteenth year, Claire came to hire Melinda Smythe, a young and reputable governess, in order for her to be tought in the ways of high society and learn some proper manners and decorum. But old habits die hard and getting the streets of London out of the new aristocrat proove difficult for poor Melinda, who does try her hardest with the young harlot.
Luckily, during a party, a respectable gentleman, Mr. Beckett is introduced to Claire. He quickly becomes Claire's suitor and causes changes in Claire Melinda had never seen before. Will Mr. Beckett motivate Claire to become a true lady? Or is it all fleeting fancy and Melinda Smythe will have to give up on the girl? The dance party on Friday, October 15th will prove to be eye-opening...


Okay - I will admit it... I had fun writing this crap just now. I know it is crap, so shush! It was fun. We went with these roles because of the ways we were dressed... I should have pictures up sometime soon.

The dance party was absolutely AWESOME! It was so great and we all had so much fun! Initially, I did not want to go at all, due to stormy weather and dreadfully strong winds (60 km/h). It had been a nightmare getting to school and back and the idea of braving the weather again did not appeal to me. But then we started on the costumes and then the fun started. It was so great, I do not regret walking around with exposed legs in high velocity winds at all! We finished off the evening nicely, after the party, eating fresh bagels with cream-cheese at 3 a.m. outside one of the most famous Montreal bagle places... It was GREAT! (I am sorry - other words fail me to describe the party... my mind is still a tad drowsy after going to bed so late...)

In other news... Michael got a new computer. I did too, but it is not ready yet. I should have it by Tuesday. The new computer Michael has is awesome, it is what I am writing with right now. My only problem with it is the keyboard... it is spaced out differently from every other keyboard I have ever touched and so I have been making typos in places where I usually would not, simply because I keep hitting the wrong keys (I have been proof-reading this post several times already). Apparently, my keyboard will have the strange odd layout... I am not looking forward to taking notes with the new keyboard for the first time! But my new computer will be awesome - as my old one is nearly dead, I am looking forward to having a perfectly functional laptop. I will miss my old one, however, it has been a trusty companion to me for five years now... *sigh*

And, as a concluding note to this post, check THIS out! My favourite cosplayer, Lillyxandra, is one of the major players in this project. It is amazing how these people bring fantasy to life. It makes me want to escape into the world they are in. *sigh* I wish I was this good at cosplaying... The costumes are stunning, and the photos even more so. There is so much dedication behind this project - it is just awe-inspiring. I am posting it here so you can all appreciate it. Make sure to look at the galleries! (Whether you know Zelda or not, this is just pure awesomeness!)

And that is it for today. My wrist hurts... It probably still hurts (along with my elbow) from Thursday's mid-term. I wrote 8 single-spaced pages of text in less than 70 minutes. I am good! I am very good! ^_^


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In which a major decision was made

Hello all! I apologize for the last, whiny tantrum post. But that tantrum was much needed.

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Michael's family came over and we had great food and a lot of fun. We also went to visit my mum, which was great and made me really happy. Michael's parents are great! I wish Toronto was not so far away (for student means of travel...). And I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for the presence of so many great people in my life. I am truly greatful! And I am still as greatful as on day one that Michael is my boyfriend! ^_^

I cannot believe how much short holidays (i.e. 3 day holidays) suck! Zero motivation to go back to school/work afterward... Anyone agree? (I hope you do, otherwise you are very strange!)

Anyways - before I start on my proper subject - I hate being broke! My bloody school books are so expensive, and I have not even bought the whole lot yet! And I keep looking at the stuff I need for my planned costumes... and I am discouraged by how poor I am. I want to sew! I want to make more costumes! I want to cosplay!! But I have absolutely no money to pursue my favourite hobby... *pout*

Okay, enough complaining... so, my major decision...

Until last week, I had no life after this year at university. My degree in English Literature will be over in April 2011 and I had absolutely no desire to follow up on it in a Masters Degree... not yet at least (at this point in my life, there is no topic about which I am passionate enough to spend two years writing a bloody essay about it!). So my life, as of April 2011, was over. A total void. I did not know where I would be going. The one thing I did know was that I wanted to stay in school (I do not want to start work! Work is tedious! Especially the 9-5 office work which most university graduates do...).

Then I decided to go back to my ideal career choice. Acting. I still believe in that dream. I want to become a musical actress. When I look at the future, I do not see myself doing drab office work - I do not want to either. Drab offices are not my thing. I want to be out there and be seen! I want to show off my assets and talent and all the other stuff people say I have got. And, most of all, I want to be on stage and act. I want to slip into the skin of a character, blend my soul with that of another, transform myself into anyone or anything at a given time. And I want to please/shock/upset/move audiences all over the world. I want to be an actress.

My biggest obstacle for this career is training. The more trained an actor is (and the more contacts one has in the acting world), the more chances one gets of eventually having a breakthrough (even if it is just a hobby). But acting school have really high standards and one has to go through a strenuous and highly competitive audition process first.

As someone who is finishing her degree in literature, I would like to focus all my efforts on finishing my BA and not have to worry my pretty little blonde head about auditions abroad and monologues, etc. (FYI: yes, I am suggesting that I am a dumb blonde in this sentence. Now shush! I am the only one allowed to make such a comment about myself! *blows raspberry*)

Therefore, I have come to the perfect solution/decision. Next year will not hold great acting academies for me. Instead, I will go to Concordia University and start on their theater performance programme. It is a very good programme, teaching a variety of acting techniques and not focusing on academics all that much. It is the perfect programme to find out about coaches, audition techniques and to find the time to PRACTICE my auditions. I think that Concordia would be the perfect way for me to spend time doing what I love, practicing and learning what I love, and preparing for auditions for the schools I truly desire to attend. Once I hit Concordia, nothing stops me from auditioning for German Theater Schools or for the schools in London or New York. I definitely want to get out of Canada... otherwise it will be unlikely for me to have any real success... But Concordia is definitely a start. And it gives Michael the chance to finish his degree too, while still benefiting of my encouragement (I love you Michael! ;-D )

So that is it. My major decision. The future is no longer a void. It is filled with bright lights, theatrical make-up, and warm costumes. It is filled with the planks of a stage and the applause of audiences and the absolute, spirit-raising, inspiring delight of acting a part.


Okay - I must now go and study for tomorrow's mid-(but not-so-mid) term. Blergh! I do not feel like it! *pout*
Before I go, I just want to let people know about my new favourite restaurant: Sumo Ramen in China Town!! My GOD their food is good! I went there for a Japanese-class reunion last Friday! It was so much fun!!! Anyone who feels like ramen, get in touch with me! Any excuse is good enough to go!


Monday, October 11, 2010


I wish that the Thanksgiving weekend was longeeeeer!!!! *cries* I do NOT want to go back to school tomorrow. I already had enough grief writing my stupid essay tonight. Not. pleasant.


I do not want to go to school!!! *throws tantrum*

More on this subject tomorrow. I will go to bed now. I am sorry for the short tantrum post.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In which there was a major hair change

Hello all out there!
Sorry if I did not post in a while... blogger was going really weird on me. I have tried to post twice already, with, alas... no result. *sigh*

Anyways - it seems to be working now... YAY!! ^_^

My most drastic update of late (though it is already been a week, so I suppose it is not that great an update) is that I have changed my hairstyle... rather drastically. In concede that I still look perfectly normal and like myself (no asymmetrical haircuts or unnatural colours going on), however, I am now sporting bangs. Yes, you read this right... BANGS!

Those who know me well are aware that big changes can frighten me... so how did I come about getting bangs, a hair trend that I have last been seen wearing when I was in grade two? (I still cannot believe it has been fourteen years since I have last had bangs... I feel old!)

I truly have to give my wonderful roommate thanks for that. For some reason, she was scouting craigslist one evening, and I was ranting about how much my hair needed work. I had a four inch ash-blonde root contrasting sharply with my golden blonde-dyed hair! I was not kidding when I said I needed to get a hair update. However, I was planning to pay for it. My roommate (thankfully) stopped me. She found a model call for a hairshow on craigslist. A PAID hairshow, no less! I immediately applied.

Lucky me, a few days later, I was called and chosen to be "the blonde" in the hairshow. More precisely, it was the Regis Colour Awards, a show for the stylists of the Regis Salon chain. They do colour contests year long and the winners get an all-inclusive trip to a North American city to see a hairshow by Wella. Ah, P&G! How I love thee! This is the second hairshow I have done under a P&G company (the other one, a few years back, was for Sebastian, Wella's sister company). Funny, how they always pick me as a model, lol.

Anyways... I basically got paid to get my hair dyed and cut! AWESOME! The condition was that I had to let the stylist do pretty much what he wanted with my hair... When he mentioned bangs, my heart leapt into my throat and it was all I could do to give a forced smile. But it turned out really nice. On top of the bangs, the stylist layered my hair wonderfully. The stylists who watched the hairshow were all over me in the end, loving my hair and look. I am quite pleased with it myself. The only thing I miss is the thickness of my hair. With all these layers, there is barely anything I can tie back... *sigh* too bad. But it looks cute.

To be honest, when the stylist first cut my bangs and 6 inches of hair fell into my lap, I had to use all my self control not to look shocked. I got my hair cut on stage, so I had to smile all the time. Looking like you are about to panic is not a good idea, lol. The worst part of getting your hair cut on stage is that you do not get to see the result until AFTER the hairshow. So even when all stylists are complimenting you and asking you "how do you like it?" you cannot really give an answer because you do not have the slightest clue of what you look like.

But the hair show was LOADS of fun! Food was provided and absolutely delicious (it was all at The Queen Elizabeth hotel in downtown Montreal *squee*), and the other models were really fun to talk to and hang out with! ^_^ The other great thing about hairshows is that the stylist really puts a lot of effort into your hair, because if your colour looks bad, he looks bad. He actually told the audience that he had the most fun doing my so-called "colour correction", which consisted in bringing me back to my natural blonde and adding a few streaks here and there...

Oh! And while we are on a majorly hairshow/model tangent, I have to tell you about the make-up I got for the show. My face got AIRBRUSHED! I could not believe how flawless my skin looked after having foundation airbrushed onto my face. I had never been airbrushed before... no wonder movie stars like it - it makes you look fresh, young and absolutely flawless! It feels weird beyond all belief though! The airbrushed foundation itself feels great. You do not feel like you are wearing make-up at all. I seriously had forgotten all about my make-up until I got into the shower and it got washed away... But when applying airbrush make-up, it feels super odd. Have you ever looked out of the open window of a speeding car? Remember the way it feels when the cool rushing wind whips at your face and how strange and windswept you feel when you close the window, despite there being no more wind? Same feeling! Except much wetter because of the liquid foundation... So picture the same wind situation, but add a rainy drizzle. There you have it. Airbrush make-up, lol. Oh! And I got to wear fake eyelashes again! I cannot apply those myself for the life of me, so I enjoy when someone else does it. It feels a little strange, though, because they make my eyelids heavier and caught in my glasses. But I looked awesome anyway!

Now... after all this rant, I was going to rant about essays and mid-terms. Mostly because McGill professors do not seem to grasp the concept of the prefix MID in "mid-term." It is there for a REASON!! The first week of October is, by no means, the MID of the bloody term!!!

And I will rant no more. Must go write essay. Will update again soon.

Cheers! Enjoy the pics! ^_^

(Wow, that last bit makes me sound psychotic!)

After the show, at home With the other models, in the not-so-green Green Room