Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In which an essay is completed

Okay, I will have to finally admit it. I AM BRILLIANT!
No, seriously.
I finished an essay last night in roughly 4 hours. I had done absolutely no work on this essay beforehand. I had done no readings. I simply started writing what I thought would be a crappy essay - as a spur of the moment thing - at 8 p.m. last night. The essay was due this morning. The people whom I had proof read it thought it was an excellent essay. I must say, with 10 secondary sources and 7 pages, for a "quickie" of an essay, it is, indeed, a creation of pure genius. Especially as I managed to write something good about a really crappy play.

I still find it unbelievable how good I am at writing essays, despite hating them. The worst grade I have ever gotten on an essay was a B-. And that was after a Savoy cast-party and tons of red-bull (in my first year, the essay was completed at 6 a.m.). When I start essays at a proper time (the evening before the essay is due) it turns out very well... despite how much I detest, loathe and scorn essays.

Enough self-flattery now. I just thought that I should make those few people who were NOT jealous of my essay writing skills yet, jealous as of this moment. (Lol, just kidding - you know that, right?)

One of the plays I decided to write about was Aphra Behn's The Rover. This stupid play is super popular because, apparently, Aphra Behn was a feminist. FEMINIST MY ASS! She does give her female characters determination and, more importantly, "a voice" at the beggining of her play, but during the entirety of the play, she seeks to subdue that voice and eventually silences it completely by having her female characters "bravely" married to "men of quality."
The play has about three plots, but the one turning around Florinda, the main (and typically romantic) heroine, is absolutely riddiculous! She is in love with a dude called Belvile and she tries to go against her brother's will and marry him in secret. But the stupid tart fails, because the one time when she doe have the guts to do something sexually licentious, she is mistaken for a whore and nearly raped! So much for representing female desire as a good thing, Aphra Behn! Obviously, Behn thought it was wrong, otherwise Florinda would have succeeded in her plans with her lover and there would have been nothing more to it. I am certain that Behn thought that women had their place as properly married, and virginal (and faithful) until their wedding. This is certainly what transpires from her allegedly "feminist" play!

Also, Florinda proves herself as being an even GREATER nit-wit later on in the play! After a THIRD rape attempt on her person, by no less than 4 men at once, she is discovered as being a "maid of quality" i.e. a lady of good birth. The men are shocked to discover this, as all they wanted was to "ruffle a harlot" (... "rape a whore"... nicely said) and they apologize. And the stupid tart Florinda ACCEPTS their appology! Although she does not say it, what the bottom line of her words are is this: "Oh, well, because you appologized, it's all okay!!" (She is totally what inspired the stereotype of the airheaded, dumb-blonde cheerleader!).

*Sigh* The Rover was a waste of my time. But I still think my essay about it was pretty good - considering the material I had to work with!

On another note... my new computer is AWESOME!! Okay, so it was expensive... and yes, bloody Windows 7 is going to take some getting used to... (*sigh* I want the CLASSIC XP view back! I do not care about how "cool" and Mac-like Windows 7 looks... Apple computers suck anyway!) I really wish XP were still in place. On the other hand, my computer still rocks. It is larger than the old one and lighter. It performs better and much more smoothly... It. Is. EPIC!

... I think that's it...

Oh, yeah. I e-mailed some professional cosplayers for some cosplay advice (about the costumes I will make for the summer). I may be starting to make my own latex prosthetics!! ^_^ Their advice was awesome and I truly appreciated it! (Thank you Sarcasm-Hime and Lillyxandra!) I cannot believe how nice these people are, and how willing they are to share their knowledge. It is heart-warming and makes me want to give them a great big HUG! ^_^
Anyways - look forward on more cosplay news... I will probably be posting pictures of my progress. Until then, I will let you guess what I will be doing next year. Feel free to discuss it if the suspense is too much for you! lol ;-P

That is it! for now...


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