Monday, October 25, 2010

Which is full of eerie stories...

I know I should be fired from life for making such a terrible pun, but I made the pun anyway...
When I say "eerie stories," I must disappoint my readers. This is not a Halloween-themed, ghost-story filled post. This is full of ears. Ear-y... eerie... get it? Lame, I know. *sigh*

Now, you must be wondering why I am so keen about talking about my ears. Is it because I have the most delicate earlobe and most beautiful inner-ear one has ever seen? Alas, no. The topic of ears comes into play in relation to cosplay.

Indeed, I have decided that, this year, I would get ready for the summer conventions in advance and start working on my costumes now. This is because I do not want to be stuck in a half-depression like last summer, and end up botching some work and skiving off sleep just in order to sew some more... Not that I do not enjoy sewing: I just need some sleep too. However, I have a dress to sew for my mum, which I promised I would have finished by next month. This means that I cannot start sewing a new project until then (or I might get distracted). Concentrating on sewing my mum's dress, though, still allows me to work on other cosplay pieces, such as wigs, accessories and prosthetics.

As it turns out, my cosplays for next summer need a lot of ear-work. Why? Because for some random reason, none of the characters I have chosen to cosplay has normal ears. Just my bleeding luck for me to choose this sort of thing! *sigh* I am looking forward to the day I will decide to have an uncomplicated life. Because, right now, I fail abysmally at making my life easy...

The ears I will need are (the bold names in colour are links to pictures, if you wish to see):

a) Persocom ears (persocom stands for "personal computer" and it is from the Chobits series by CLAMP) for Chii (the weird pink and white things poking out the side of her head are the ears)

b) Elf ears (I hardly need to tell you what those are) of a really long length for Pirotess (from the Lodoss War series, do not ask me how I will change my skin colour, please!)

c) Cat ears (very unusual cat ears) for Naria (from the Visions of Escaflowne t.v. series, she is the one on the left with the purple inner-ear)

I told you this would be an ear-filled post. This is basically my current project. Make three sets of ears (or commission them from someone). I have the intention of purchasing the elf and cat ears, as they seem more complicated to make. I have found, however, some great tutorials on how to make persocom ears out of craft foam. I look forward to making those.

As for the cat ears... they got me a little down in the dumps, mostly because I enquired on the cost for a commission of the cat-ears and that, because they would be custom-made, they would be around 350$. As a poor, penniless student, I obviously cannot afford ears at that price. I will try and fashion them myself... maybe out of craftfoam or out of that other plastic thingy (the name of which completely slips my mind right now) that can be shaped while heated... It will be the time to experiment and try stuff out.

The elf ears, really, are the easy part. I found a great online store that sells them (they're about 6-8 inches in length!) for a modest price, along with make-up and adhesives. I think the Pirotess outfit will go well. I am also very hopeful for the Chii one.

The Naria costume concerns me, though. As you will have guess from my name, I love this character above any other character (I have been head-over-heels for the silver cat-girl since I was ten). I really want to make her costume perfect and potentially make her my signature cosplay. But I insist on making the costume perfect or I shall not cosplay her... otherwise I will feel like I am disrespecting my favourite character... I am really scared of that costume... it will take a lot of time and work... and tons of spandex! (Can't wait to see how that will turn out!)

On a completely different note, I am finally getting in shape. It is not on a purely voluntary basis, though. Do not get me wrong, I want to get in shape! I have been needed to get back in shape for months (especially if I want to cosplay a spandex-clad character!). The only thing is, my exercise currently consists of choreography rehearsals with Savoy. Do not get me wrong, our choreographer is really nice and really helpful and I really like her... the problem is that I think she is also the reincarnation of an agent from the Spanish Inquisition. The stuff she makes us do! It hurts so much! I nearly cried at the last rehearsal and could not feel my arms for several minutes after the warm-up... the WARM-UP!!! I think she has a mildly sadistic side behind all that kindness and she delights in the looks of pain on the faces of the girls chorus. I still think our choreographer is nice though. The show will turn out great!

Finally, I went on a date with Michael last night. Our first date in MONTHS! I cannot believe how busy we have been. But it was so nice to be treated out for dinner and have a nice drink. My drink was a really good cocktail called the "Blue Sapphire." It would have been two dollars less had I ordered it as a virgin cocktail, but then the drink would have been nothing but lemon juice with a tad of sugary syrup... not really worth it as a virgin drink. There was no less than four alcohols in that drink: including Blue Curacao (which granted the drink its colour and name) and Amaretto. It was like liquid candy! Delicious!

I am really glad I went out with Michael alone. I really enjoyed it and had fun. I love my friends, but, all too often, whenever Michael and I are out of the house, we are always with friends. It was good to be out of the house on our own. It was really nice. And really kind of relaxing (you thought I would say "romantic!!" Admit it!). It was not the most romantic evening I have had with Michael, but it was nice and I really appreciated it nonetheless. We finished off the evening by having a sinfully chocolaty chocolate souffle... My God, that souffle was rich! But the chocolate was so gooooooood *drools*...
And a movie night really ended our evening. It was fun. I wish Michael was not at rehearsal tonight... thinking of him makes me horny, lol. ^_^


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