Monday, February 28, 2011

In which the blogger finally found how to activate spell check on Firefox

Not that this really matters. But for the past six months (at least!) my Firefox browser was void of all spell-checking functions, which was insanely frustrating when blogging, because I hate (hate! HATE!) spelling mistakes... and usually I post when I am tired, which, inevitably, means poor spelling. So, readers, be happy you no longer need to deal with my tired brain butchering the odd yet wonderful English language... Because I have now activated a weapon against it.

Brutal change of subject.

Some of you (you know who you are and I love you!) have pointed out to me that I have not posted on my blog in quite a while. You speak the truth and I am sorry. I am quite happy to know that I have such loyal readers! It makes me happy to know that this blog of randomness gets some attention...

Aaaaanyways - I have not posted in a while because I was busy (very, very, very busy) with the 2011 production presented by the McGill Savoy Society. The show was called Ruddigore and it was all presented in a Tim Burton-like aesthetic. It rocked! I kid you not, the show was awesome. I wish to extend a special thanks to all the technical team (without whom this sort of production would never be possible), our awesome set designer Genia, great costume designer Victoria, our fabulous and absolutely delightful orchestra (without whom the show would really just suck!), the hardworking creative team, and my super-special-awesome fellow cast members!! (I hope I have not forgotten anyone...)

The show was awesome and we did really well! I just wish more people could have come to see it and appreciate all the hard work of the past six months. Because the show was, so far, the best show (in my experience) that Savoy has put up. The jokes were hilarious, the music was awesome, the plot topsy-turvy and ridiculous, the choreography enthralling... Michael, for once, did not have to play a sissy-boy character and rocked the stage with high energy and high notes, as well as an over-the-top ridiculous cockney accent! It was delightful. He got to play the bawdy sailor and it is general consensus that he acted with a lot of charm and that this was his best role yet... (the character was called Richard Dauntless, sailor with the Royal Navy on the Tom Tit... yes, the ship was called "Tom Tit") I also sincerely think that Ruddigore contains, by far, the most penis-jokes of all Gilbert and Sullivan shows. It is too bad if you have not had a chance to see it... but here is a small consolation: some good people have posted videos of the show online. Here are a few links for your viewing pleasure (sorry if the movies are not the best quality):
Welcome Gentry (chorus of Bridemaids and Buxom Blades, interrupted by Sir Despard)
When the Night Wind Howls (chorus of ghosts)
The Hornpipe Dance (which Michael rocked beyond all measure, watch THIS ONE and enjoy Michael's dancing gifts!)

Still related to Savoy, I have gone on a complete shopping spree with my mum, after spending a wonderful reading week in Toronto (more on that later), and purchased my dress for the Savoy formal. It's preeeeetty! The formal is April 8th. I promise pictures! ^_^ I also went to Sephora in Toronto and purchased a nice kabuki face brush, which applies powder foundation like nothing else! *happy*

I feel like I should discuss school a bit... because, let's face it, all my blog posts need to talk about school one way or other! *wink* I have completed all my applications to both Concordia's Theatre program and Dawson College's Professional Theatre program. I really hope I get in, as these are quite good schools for acting here in Montreal. Some people keep asking me if I will apply to the NTS, but I really have no interest in their teaching methods: I feel they do not have enough variety in their program. It is hard to explain, but I understand myself...

This semester, though, until graduation, is turning out to be a complete disaster! A nightmare I tell you! Very few of my classes are actually interesting... I mostly took them to fill the missing credits. I tried to take interesting courses, but they all took place at the exact same times and days of the week, so I had to make a difficult choice of which class I preferred. I ended up taking Costuming for the Theatre 2, which is absolutely awesome! I learn a lot and have a lot of fun sewing a Jacobean Scholar Woman's dress out of eggplant-coloured velvet. It is my design and all! However, the scale of the project is extremely daunting and it takes a lot of work. This class demands, at the very least, an extra 9 hours a week spent in the costuming workshop doing "sewing duty." I am very nervous because I have a lot of hand-sewing ahead of me and I am very slow at hand-stitching... And the one disappointing thing about the class is that I do not get to try on what I am making (not even in secret) because the actress for whom I am making the costume is so much tinier than I am... *pout*

The other classes I am taking, aside from Costuming, are Studies in Shakespeare (which is fun, as the prof is awesome... but a very difficult class due to its level), Materiality and Sociology of Text (I love the prof, but the subject matter sucks!), 20th Century Drama (I hate the professor AND the subject matter... unfortunately, it was the only class that fit my schedule), and Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art. This last class I am taking simply to complete my East Asian Studies credits. I was hoping to take a class concerning Japan, but none of the classes that interested me fit into my schedule. As I could not move around my drama classes (and have to take them) I am stuck with Chinese Art, a class that I absolutely detest due to the dullness of the subject and the hateful attitude of the prof. *sigh* And I have a midterm in that class tomorrow. Motivation = 0.
Yeah, this semester has been stress, stress, stress, busy, busy, busy... Which is why my posting on the blog has been so scarce (or rather non-existent).

And now to the (finally!) interesting stuff!

Last week was reading week. I went to Toronto with Michael and visited his parents. It was great fun. Unfortunately, the fun was kind of marred by the need to do homework for the return to school *pout* My professors are sadists, I swear! But Michael and I did visit the Eaton Centre a couple of times, and we went to see the movie Black Swan which is ridiculously intense and kind of totally awesome (though I still managed to predict the end long before it happened...) It is a great thriller and I will not say more about it here, or this post will be too brutally long. We also got together with Michael's good friend Meredith. I really enjoyed meeting her. She is witty and sarcastic - I like that in a person. We had brunch and it was really fun hanging out! ^_^
I also had a photoshoot for Cinched Tight Corsets (beautiful pieces!) with Kindred's Muze (amazing photographer!) while in Toronto. I was invited to the shoot on a whim and it rocked. I had a great deal of fun shooting there and really enjoyed meeting the other amazing models that were there. I hope to repeat the experience soon! ^_^ I hope to have pictures for you soon.

Aaaand last but not least...

I auditioned for the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company's play Titus Andronicus, which will be presented this summer at the NTS. By far Shakespeare's most bloody play, it is still a totally awesome story, with Romans and Goths and lots of good stuff (and rape, mutilation, cannibalism, etc. too!). My audition went well. The best part was that the MSTC came to my high school several times to present some adaptations of Shakespeare plays. I used to hang around after their shows to talk to them. The producer and director actually recognized me from my high school days!!! It made me squee. Also, we spent quite a bit of time discussing my high school English teacher's awesome hair! XD

After the audition, I actually got a callback!! Can you imagine?! My first "real-world" (i.e. not school, or extra-curricular, but still attached to the school) audition and I got a callback!!! I was more excited than a cat on heavily concentrated catnip. For the callback, I had to be off-book for a scene from the play: the scene where Lavinia (Titus' daughter) is about to get raped Tamora's two sons (Wikepedia the story if you do not know it... it is too complex to explain correctly) and is desperately pleading for mercy. This was the most intense scene I have ever acted out. The guys playing Demetrius and Chiron were all really kind and sweet "offstage" but when they were in character, they were downright terrifying! I just wanted to run away and cower in a corner. It made the scene so intense - I was all wrought and emotional by the end of the callback. The guys also asked me, before starting the scene, how comfortable I felt if they "manhandled" me, as they would do so. I think that made me more nervous, but the scene went well and the director said I had good intensity.

Here comes the best part, though... I HAVE A PART IN THE PLAY!!!! *MAJOR MASSIVE SQUEE OF DOOM THAT WOULD BURST YOUR EARDRUMS IF YOUR WERE WITHIN EARSHOT!* It is only a small part, I play one of the Goths named Domitia, but it is a part!! This is a really great start for me! And I understand why I would not be cast as a main character: I am only a beginner in acting (despite my love for it) and I cannot truly compete with professionals or professionally trained actors (most of them were from Dawson College, which is why I really hope to get in there...). Also, the company does not know how I work and how disciplined I am, so I understand that they are not ready to trust me with anything bigger. But the producer told me that if I did a good job on this role, it would open many more doors for me in future... I look forward to that! *big smile*

I had more to say, but a glitch in the internet connection made me forget about it... Sorry.
Anyways, other than school (which I just want to be done with right now... stupid classes!), things are going swimmingly right now. I had my 22nd birthday at Nickels with good friends and a voice extinction (yeah, I lost my voice on my birthday!) followed by a week of a really heavy cold (it sucked!) and Michael and I celebrated a wonderful and romantic Valentine's day at a really fancy and wonderful restaurant, dressed in our best clothes. I am ranting again... I guess you could say I am really, totally happy right now? If you take away all the unnecessary stress, that is! *wink*

Catch you readers later (and hopefully not in another 2 months!)! Cheers!