Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In which there was a major hair change

Hello all out there!
Sorry if I did not post in a while... blogger was going really weird on me. I have tried to post twice already, with, alas... no result. *sigh*

Anyways - it seems to be working now... YAY!! ^_^

My most drastic update of late (though it is already been a week, so I suppose it is not that great an update) is that I have changed my hairstyle... rather drastically. In concede that I still look perfectly normal and like myself (no asymmetrical haircuts or unnatural colours going on), however, I am now sporting bangs. Yes, you read this right... BANGS!

Those who know me well are aware that big changes can frighten me... so how did I come about getting bangs, a hair trend that I have last been seen wearing when I was in grade two? (I still cannot believe it has been fourteen years since I have last had bangs... I feel old!)

I truly have to give my wonderful roommate thanks for that. For some reason, she was scouting craigslist one evening, and I was ranting about how much my hair needed work. I had a four inch ash-blonde root contrasting sharply with my golden blonde-dyed hair! I was not kidding when I said I needed to get a hair update. However, I was planning to pay for it. My roommate (thankfully) stopped me. She found a model call for a hairshow on craigslist. A PAID hairshow, no less! I immediately applied.

Lucky me, a few days later, I was called and chosen to be "the blonde" in the hairshow. More precisely, it was the Regis Colour Awards, a show for the stylists of the Regis Salon chain. They do colour contests year long and the winners get an all-inclusive trip to a North American city to see a hairshow by Wella. Ah, P&G! How I love thee! This is the second hairshow I have done under a P&G company (the other one, a few years back, was for Sebastian, Wella's sister company). Funny, how they always pick me as a model, lol.

Anyways... I basically got paid to get my hair dyed and cut! AWESOME! The condition was that I had to let the stylist do pretty much what he wanted with my hair... When he mentioned bangs, my heart leapt into my throat and it was all I could do to give a forced smile. But it turned out really nice. On top of the bangs, the stylist layered my hair wonderfully. The stylists who watched the hairshow were all over me in the end, loving my hair and look. I am quite pleased with it myself. The only thing I miss is the thickness of my hair. With all these layers, there is barely anything I can tie back... *sigh* too bad. But it looks cute.

To be honest, when the stylist first cut my bangs and 6 inches of hair fell into my lap, I had to use all my self control not to look shocked. I got my hair cut on stage, so I had to smile all the time. Looking like you are about to panic is not a good idea, lol. The worst part of getting your hair cut on stage is that you do not get to see the result until AFTER the hairshow. So even when all stylists are complimenting you and asking you "how do you like it?" you cannot really give an answer because you do not have the slightest clue of what you look like.

But the hair show was LOADS of fun! Food was provided and absolutely delicious (it was all at The Queen Elizabeth hotel in downtown Montreal *squee*), and the other models were really fun to talk to and hang out with! ^_^ The other great thing about hairshows is that the stylist really puts a lot of effort into your hair, because if your colour looks bad, he looks bad. He actually told the audience that he had the most fun doing my so-called "colour correction", which consisted in bringing me back to my natural blonde and adding a few streaks here and there...

Oh! And while we are on a majorly hairshow/model tangent, I have to tell you about the make-up I got for the show. My face got AIRBRUSHED! I could not believe how flawless my skin looked after having foundation airbrushed onto my face. I had never been airbrushed before... no wonder movie stars like it - it makes you look fresh, young and absolutely flawless! It feels weird beyond all belief though! The airbrushed foundation itself feels great. You do not feel like you are wearing make-up at all. I seriously had forgotten all about my make-up until I got into the shower and it got washed away... But when applying airbrush make-up, it feels super odd. Have you ever looked out of the open window of a speeding car? Remember the way it feels when the cool rushing wind whips at your face and how strange and windswept you feel when you close the window, despite there being no more wind? Same feeling! Except much wetter because of the liquid foundation... So picture the same wind situation, but add a rainy drizzle. There you have it. Airbrush make-up, lol. Oh! And I got to wear fake eyelashes again! I cannot apply those myself for the life of me, so I enjoy when someone else does it. It feels a little strange, though, because they make my eyelids heavier and caught in my glasses. But I looked awesome anyway!

Now... after all this rant, I was going to rant about essays and mid-terms. Mostly because McGill professors do not seem to grasp the concept of the prefix MID in "mid-term." It is there for a REASON!! The first week of October is, by no means, the MID of the bloody term!!!

And I will rant no more. Must go write essay. Will update again soon.

Cheers! Enjoy the pics! ^_^

(Wow, that last bit makes me sound psychotic!)

After the show, at home With the other models, in the not-so-green Green Room

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  1. ha ha! You always look awesome ;D but your haircut is so cool O_O and your skin! Amazing, you shining with youth and awesomeness <D (shining, not sparkling! XD)

    glad you had fun in this show =3

    good luck with your fake-mid-term XD