Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In which a major decision was made

Hello all! I apologize for the last, whiny tantrum post. But that tantrum was much needed.

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Michael's family came over and we had great food and a lot of fun. We also went to visit my mum, which was great and made me really happy. Michael's parents are great! I wish Toronto was not so far away (for student means of travel...). And I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for the presence of so many great people in my life. I am truly greatful! And I am still as greatful as on day one that Michael is my boyfriend! ^_^

I cannot believe how much short holidays (i.e. 3 day holidays) suck! Zero motivation to go back to school/work afterward... Anyone agree? (I hope you do, otherwise you are very strange!)

Anyways - before I start on my proper subject - I hate being broke! My bloody school books are so expensive, and I have not even bought the whole lot yet! And I keep looking at the stuff I need for my planned costumes... and I am discouraged by how poor I am. I want to sew! I want to make more costumes! I want to cosplay!! But I have absolutely no money to pursue my favourite hobby... *pout*

Okay, enough complaining... so, my major decision...

Until last week, I had no life after this year at university. My degree in English Literature will be over in April 2011 and I had absolutely no desire to follow up on it in a Masters Degree... not yet at least (at this point in my life, there is no topic about which I am passionate enough to spend two years writing a bloody essay about it!). So my life, as of April 2011, was over. A total void. I did not know where I would be going. The one thing I did know was that I wanted to stay in school (I do not want to start work! Work is tedious! Especially the 9-5 office work which most university graduates do...).

Then I decided to go back to my ideal career choice. Acting. I still believe in that dream. I want to become a musical actress. When I look at the future, I do not see myself doing drab office work - I do not want to either. Drab offices are not my thing. I want to be out there and be seen! I want to show off my assets and talent and all the other stuff people say I have got. And, most of all, I want to be on stage and act. I want to slip into the skin of a character, blend my soul with that of another, transform myself into anyone or anything at a given time. And I want to please/shock/upset/move audiences all over the world. I want to be an actress.

My biggest obstacle for this career is training. The more trained an actor is (and the more contacts one has in the acting world), the more chances one gets of eventually having a breakthrough (even if it is just a hobby). But acting school have really high standards and one has to go through a strenuous and highly competitive audition process first.

As someone who is finishing her degree in literature, I would like to focus all my efforts on finishing my BA and not have to worry my pretty little blonde head about auditions abroad and monologues, etc. (FYI: yes, I am suggesting that I am a dumb blonde in this sentence. Now shush! I am the only one allowed to make such a comment about myself! *blows raspberry*)

Therefore, I have come to the perfect solution/decision. Next year will not hold great acting academies for me. Instead, I will go to Concordia University and start on their theater performance programme. It is a very good programme, teaching a variety of acting techniques and not focusing on academics all that much. It is the perfect programme to find out about coaches, audition techniques and to find the time to PRACTICE my auditions. I think that Concordia would be the perfect way for me to spend time doing what I love, practicing and learning what I love, and preparing for auditions for the schools I truly desire to attend. Once I hit Concordia, nothing stops me from auditioning for German Theater Schools or for the schools in London or New York. I definitely want to get out of Canada... otherwise it will be unlikely for me to have any real success... But Concordia is definitely a start. And it gives Michael the chance to finish his degree too, while still benefiting of my encouragement (I love you Michael! ;-D )

So that is it. My major decision. The future is no longer a void. It is filled with bright lights, theatrical make-up, and warm costumes. It is filled with the planks of a stage and the applause of audiences and the absolute, spirit-raising, inspiring delight of acting a part.


Okay - I must now go and study for tomorrow's mid-(but not-so-mid) term. Blergh! I do not feel like it! *pout*
Before I go, I just want to let people know about my new favourite restaurant: Sumo Ramen in China Town!! My GOD their food is good! I went there for a Japanese-class reunion last Friday! It was so much fun!!! Anyone who feels like ramen, get in touch with me! Any excuse is good enough to go!


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  1. Woooah! SO late @^@ SORRY!!!!

    AS for holidays, I am always unlucky, most of the time working XD so when it is finish I am like: what? already?!? buut....buuuuuut? i-i

    anyway XD Nice that you have found your goal for the future X3 May you shine on the stage BD

    Ryu 8D