Friday, June 4, 2010

In which there was a hilarious bonding moment

It is always good to bond with people, especially with your new roommate. Now, do not get me wrong, I have been good friends with Vanessa for a while, but we have not yet had a proper, new-apartment-celebrating moment that would put an official stamp on the roommate situation. You got me: just moving stuff does not count, otherwise, I would have 5 roommates by now, just counting everyone who helped out.

Last night, though, the occasion for such a bonding moment presented itself. LAUNDRY!!

Now, you may wonder: "How in the world is laundry a time for bonding?" Let me elaborate. Since our return from Germany, Michael and I have not had the time to do laundry, so the dirty socks and stuff kept piling up (luckily, we have an infinite number of them, so there was always something clean to wear)... and we had decided we would wash stuff once we were moved in. We tried doing a batch on laundry on Friday... only to find out that the washing machine was broken!

So we called a repair guy who came over yesterday and fixed the bloody thing. The machine was working again and the laundry time could start. We had so much laundry that it took several hours to complete three batches...

Now, you are wondering "and where is the bonding in this"... be patient: I am getting to it.

At about midnight, we decide to start on the fourth and last batch of laundry (the third batch we threw into the dryer). After about half an hour... everything went dark! There was a blackout in our apartment! When we looked out, we saw an angry lady from the neighbouring apartment run out accross the street, to where some construction was taking place... I guess the construction guys hit a line or something, because the power was out in several locations...

Anyways - luckily, batch four of laundry had just finished... but the clothes in the dryer had not dried completely yet and the clothes in the washing machine were soaked! We just could not leave them there!

So, with the help of a flashlight and an electrical fake candle to light us, we started hanging out clothes to dry. It sounds easy... but it is not when your are plunged into an oblivion of darkness and you do not own anything even remotely similar to a laundry line or a laundry rack.

Thus, we started hanging clothes wherever we could think of: off shelves, off counters (I even put some jeans out on the dish-rack!), off lamps and chair and off the shower-curtain pole... It looked like a bomb of clothing had exploded! We took some pictures. The camera, unfortunately, has such an amazing flash that the room looks completely lit, but I SWEAR it was dark! The photos yet need to be uploaded, but the place looks hilarious!

So that was my special bonding moment with Vanessa. We giggled like silly little schoolgirls, trying to find new, innovative and creative ways to hang our laundry in the dark. It may not sound quite as awesome as it was... but it was awesome and hilarious.

I promise (cross my heart and hope to die) that I will post loads of pictures soon!

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  1. That is funny. You all really do need to get yourself a laundry drying rack for those occasions where you want or have to air dry something.