Sunday, May 30, 2010

In which Naria becomes a complete cat

I looked into the mirror this morning and something struck me as incredibly odd: I suddenly had slit pupils! It was really weird and freaky! I think it had to do with the light, but I took a picture anyway: how often do you get slit-pupils without wearing contact lenses? I think this proves it: I am a total cat-girl. No one can deny my cat genetics now! Miaw... lol
I even took a picture to prove it. I will post it here once it is uploaded.

Speaking of pictures: I am very, VERY frustrated by facebook. I have tried to upload my pics from Germany five times and it failed each and every time! I cannot explain why: it only ever fails at the very last minute!... not fair! As soon as I find a way to put them up though, they will be posted here too.

Other than that, not much. Loads of unpacking... I am quite tired by it too... I have loads of new sewing projects I want to start on, new books to read and job hunting to do (I HATE being broke!)... it is all fun for me, but really dull to write about, which is why I will not give much information about that here.

However, one strange thing DID occur to me on the metro yesterday, and that is worth mentionning on this lovely page (or maybe not - but I do not feel like describing my unpacking routine to you, so I will just write about other stuff...)

To begin with, I had the most unpleasant sensory experience on the subway. I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the subway, when a homeless person decided to sit on the same bench. Luckily, the person sat at the other end of the sitting area entirely (which is about 2 meters away), but every time that person moved, I got this overwhelming smell of urine. It was horrible! How can someone smell like that! Anyways, before I keeled over with nausea, a lady came and sat right beside me. This one smelled of overwhelming flowery perfume! It was disgusting! I thought I would pass out! Do people not know how to apply a fragrance?

Luckily, the subway showed up soon and I went into the farthest car possible from either of these individuals. However, on the subway, I saw two asian girls (I believe they were Japanese, judging by the scraps of language I could catch), who were pushing the "twin look" waaaay too far! They were not twins, judging by their different heights and facial features (they did not look related), however, everything else was identical! They wore the same, sleeveless, two collared white-with-red-polka-dotted muslin shirt that had a weird zipper contraption at the back. They wore the same denim skirt with the same embroidery on the back pockets. They carried the same white handbag with the chain handles and the red ribbon... They even had the same hair dye! (How many asians have hazel brown hair, really?) The only differences were the hair style (not the length: same length, but one had tied her hair in a ponytail), their facial features, and their shoes (one wore clogs, the other flip-flops)... It looked like a moving "can you spot the differences" picture! Eerie... I did not think "twin-look" was THAT popular!

Oh. And something just came to mind about the moving and unpacking. We've successfully reassembled the Ikea wardrobe without any deaths ensuing! Yay! However, putting up the ceiling fan was a bloody nightmare! No offence to Michael (I hope he does not read this: Michael, if you are reading this, stop now. There is nothing for you in this post as of this line: quit now! NOW!)... but he is not exactly the best handyman. He dropped a screw into the ceiling fan when it was almost up and we had to take the thing back down and unscrew the whole thing to find the screw... I was not very pleased, but with my help, Michael finally got the fan to work... although it took a short-circuit and the light-switch no longer works (which I cannot explain, as the light works perfectly...)

I am sorry about this Michael (knowing you, you HAVE read all this, haven't you? Cheater!) I love you!

Oh, and my futon frame lost a screw and it is nowhere to be found... not even in the old apartment. It is driving me up the wall... *deep breaths*

Anyways - so those were my strange adventures of moving and metro... and I have slit pupils. Now I am off for a cat-nap! =^.^=

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