Friday, May 28, 2010

In which the story of the second mouse is told

You've read this well. Your reader's eyes are not mistaken...

Second apartment, new mouse. This one was so insanely cute! I would not have the heart to kill it too!

We'd just noticed the mousey, scampering over the tiled kitchen floor almost like it was gliding. It was about a third of the size of the first mouse. It was TINY! It would often pause in the middle of the kitchen floor, give us a frightened look and scamper under some low-standing furniture. Then, last night, as we were watching Shaun of the Dead, Vanessa pointed out that the mouse was in the kitchen. Michael got up and had a look. The mouse froze. Now this is surprising: it froze just long enough for Michael to get close with the first thing he could get his hands on (a large dinner plate) and covering the mouse with it. The mouse manage to squeeze out from beneath it (it was THAT tiny!) and so I got up and grabbed the broom and blocked the mouse's escape. The mouse was so terrified by the broom bristles that it stopped moving. Michael then grabbed a tupperware container with the lid and put it right where the mouse was. With the lid, he pushed the mouse into the container. The poor frightened little thing gave the cutest, but most frightened squeak ever! I've never heard anything like it! I was so pitiful and so cute all at once!! Anyways, the little thing then just curled up into a frightened little ball at the bottom of the tupperware and Michael took it away outside. It scampered away really quickly once released.
And that is the story of the second mouse, the mouse of the second apartment.

As for the report on the glasses, I've finally got new ones. No more taking off my glasses and half of it ending up in my hand and the rest staying on my face. I had to re-glue them three times already! It sucked! My new glasses are really pretty. The frames are a little smaller, but still plastic. They're a Polo Ralf Lauren frame, and the colour is a tortoise shell pattern with a thin layer of pale blue underneath... It looks gorgeous! Professional, yet young. Love 'em! There were other (gorgeous!) glasses by Chanel, which I would have LOVED but they were a little out of my price range (read here: "my dad would have skinned me alive and nailed me to his wall had I got the Chanel glasses") which is really too bad, as the glasses would have matched my favourite perfume (Chanel Chance, for those not already aware of it! ;-D ) But two other people bought them as I was in the store (the Chanel ones) and I do not want to know how many more people have been buying them, so I think I am more unique/original with my pick. Also, it brings out my eye colour. They had the model I am wearing in black too, but it looks more severe. Also, Michael loves my glasses, so everything's alright! Yay!

Anyways, tomorrow is a new day and we will be completing the moving. I am looking forward to that.

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