Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In which Naria succeeded in finding work!!

I am so sorry blog! I did not mean to neglect you as I did! But I am finally done with all the work on the new apartment and, seeing as I have found a job, I am sure I will have plenty to blog about in the next few days... months... until the end of the summer...

So what kind of work did I find? Well, after a gruelling interview that went almost too well for me (I tend to NOT think of it as a good sign when I socialize with the interviewer... usually that means death for me...), I scored in finding work. A week after my interview I get a call from Air Canada, offering me a full-time temporary post as Customer Sales and Service Agent at the Montreal Trudeau airport! YAY ME!! I cannot believe I finally made it into the family trade! My dad worked with AC for 33 (or was it 36?) years, my mum is still working for that lovely airline as a grooming manager and my dad's girlfriend is an active member of the union and also a Customer Service Agent at the airport (yay! that means I get to work with my dad's girl friend! lol). Not to mention that my aunt in Germany works for the Lufthansa and has been working for them for years (she is a purser and team manager for the Indian flight attendants). So, how cool is that? I am following in the "family trade" and I predict loads of travels ahead (there really are great benefits to working in an Airline...). I am looking forward to having a uniform! (I miss uniforms, ever since I have been out of high school... that's what six years of wearing a plaid skirt can do to you! XD )

Anyways - so I am no longer without a job! I cannot wait to start with Air Canada! There is one last step for me to go through and that is a written test. I have to study a guide that was sent to me and take a test on Monday at 7 a.m. If I pass the test, then I start training. Otherwise, I can say goodbye to this excellent job offer. However, I believe that I can pass that test - considering I have never failed a subject before. HUZZAH!! (Don't get me wrong: thinking about the test still gives me the creeps... like with every bloody exam I have ever had to take!)

In other news, modeling is really starting to pay off for me. I have been contacted by a few photographers who are willing to pay for shoots and I have also joined an agency that works for magazines. With any luck, my career in show-bizz is taking off!

I am also filled with new costume ideas. I have missed Anime North, but that does not mean I have to miss Otakuthon in August. I have promised my friend that I would be there anyway, so I have to come up with a great cosplay to dazzle her and others. Air Canada being full time and paying well, I can actually buy fabric now! YAY!! I have so many ideas for costumes: from original characters to characters I have always wanted to cosplay... *sigh* so many things and so little time!

In yet some other news, I have accidentally spilled some dark red nail polish on a white shirt of mine that I really like. That stuff is IMPOSSIBLE to get out!!! I am getting really frustrated about it, because the flecks of red are really tiny, but the top is of such a pure white that they are still really obvious. It makes me look like I was near an accident site and some blood spray hit me. And, so far, no amount of bleach has gotten the stuff out! And believe me, I have dropped BUCKETS of bleach on the spots (the shirt cannot be any whiter than it is, so I am hoping the bleach will affect the nail polish stains). So far, the stains are still as red as ever. If anyone knows a trick to get rid of nail polish stains, please tell me! I am getting really annoyed by this! Thank you!

Last but not least, I had loads of fun last Friday. My parents (both set of 'em) came over to visit the apartment, along with the family of my new roommate, Vanessa. Michael's parents could not make it, unfortunately. Anyways, I baked a yummy cake and we had a wonderful dinner. After everyone left (so at around midnight), Vanessa and I got dressed in a sexy schoolgirl get-up and went out to Club Sin, a cool little fetish party in downtown Montreal. It was really fun: I got my picture taken A LOT! It was a pleasant surprise and really flattering to be asked by professional photographers if they could get a shot of me *vain hair toss* lol I am looking forward to next month's party.

Oh, and one last thing. (I keep adding stuff, don't I? I am so sorry!) Michael and I HAVE to do something for our anniversary. We have been together for a full year! Huzzah!! And living together has not killed our love either! Even more huzzah! Our anniversary is already long passed, but we did not have any money to spend, so we decided to wait in order to celebrate. But our landlord just gave us back some money today, so I think it's time for Mike and I to go out... maybe see a movie, as it is cheepy Tuesday... So I am going to stop typing and get ready for a nice outing. Happy (very, very belated) anniversary to Michael and myself!! *party streamers fly*


  1. Wow... that was a long post with lots of different topics... conclusion: blog more often!

  2. OMG XD Have so many posts to read (since...June 8 XD)

    OMG 8D YAAY for Otakuthon D (that reminds me I have to work on mine...noooooo i____i) That would be so awesome seeing you there 8D

    Happy late anniversary to you and michael 8D

    And, as for the nail polish stain, it may sound stupid but, have you tried nail polish remover? XD Maybe they have somthing that bleach doesn't in removing this XD

    Ryu 8D