Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In which the nail polish stains remain

Darn it! Stupid nail polish!!! This is the last time I do my nails at home! Next time, I will go and pay for a manicure instead! That way, I can avoid any unfortunate accidents, like the one earlier this week. The dark nail polish stains are really frustrating. No: I swear! They glare at me through the otherwise flawless white of the stained shirt, I can even hear them cackling evilly: "he he he! we've got this shirt good: she'll never get us out!" Urgh!!! Bloody nail polish! Die!!! I am seriously considering taking some paint thinner to my shirt and seeing if that has any effect. So far, all bleach and other stain removing products have simply resulted in a lot of teeth-gritting from my part, as the stains are still quite as clear as they were before... *angry pout*

Okay... now that tantrum is over... I think. I still would appreciate any advice of ANYONE out there who knows how to remove nail polish from a shirt! It would be much appreciated and you would be blessed by my eternal gratitude! (Not that this is worth much to many people out there. But just think: you will have made someone very happy and will probably have an easier time at the gates of heaven when you die as a result of your great charity... lol - okay, I do not know about that last part, but I WILL be thankful!)

Other than that... I have been rereading old texts and stuffs (yes, "stuffs!") that were stored on my computer. I am pretty darn good author, if I may say so! lol However, I found a story today that I wish to finish and found my self faced with the horrible black abyss of... Writer's Block!!! Noooo!!! I. Detest. Writer's. Block! It is just not fair!! When someone is creative and needs to find an outlet in writing for the imagination, having a total brain-freeze over what to write next is the worst thing ever! Right now, my mind is popping with great cosplay ideas and original character ideas (for drawings)... but nothing textual comes to mind. Stupid brain! I have not drawn anything in half a century and now it feels like being creative and drawing!? Not fair! I want to write today!! *pout*

Wow... okay... that was tantrum two. Sorry about that. In other news, I have been having awesome costume ideas and, now that I have a job, I will finally be able to pay for FABRIC!! HALLELUJAH!! So now my brain is being flooded with various ideas of various fabrics... I just hope I can find the ones that I want!

Speaking of money and work, though. I have just received the study guide for the test I have to take on Monday. 39 pages. I kid you not! Some parts of it are really easy. Others request for you to memorize places like the location of Lesotho on the map of Africa. *nervous gulp* Africa is really hard to remember (the names of the countries are difficult enough... why do I have to remember the locations too?!) I need to pass this exams with 80%, so I am getting really nervous and thiniking I should start studying. But my unimaginative, writer's-blocked brain would much prefer watching the Lord of the Rings....

I feel like wrapping myself up in a cocoon and sleep until tomorrow... Maybe Africa will look like it had less countries in the morning. Oh well.

Oh! But I am going to see Les Miserables on Friday! Huzzah! I am so looking forward to that! More updates on Les Miz after I have seen the show!

P.S. Yesterday, anniversary celebration with Michael was great! We totally overdressed, went out to eat and saw Shrek Foreverafter in 3D. It was LOADS of fun! I hope we will have many more years to come! <3

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