Thursday, June 10, 2010

In which the annual checkup happened...

I. Hate. Medical. Exams.

Do not get me wrong: I love my doctor. She's super nice! But the annual check-up always makes me very uncomfortable and feel very awkward. As much as I like my doctor, I hate it when she starts making small-talk from between my legs... waaay too awkward! And I am not a prude by any means!! And I hate cotton swabs too... it feels more like an attempt to impale someone than anything else.

Okay enough said. Just letting you know that I hate these yearly check-ups. But they are necessary, as the Canadian government does not allow the pill to be prescribed for over a year in order to ensure that women go to their annual check-up. At least my prescription got renewed, which is a good result from this check-up.
Also, considering my mum's breast cancer, I was told I should start checking for that more frequently... especially considering that I never used to check at all. (It has a tendency to be the very last thing on my mind...)

So yeah. Hate having to go to clinics. It never is fun.

Other than that: weather sucks. 15 degrees Celsius is not nearly enough for a cold-blooded snake like myself to keep warm. I spent most of the day wrapped tightly in a blanket. There was no sun for me to sunbathe and warm up my veins, sadly. I was freezing!! In June! *pout*

And I had to get up SUPER early (5:15 a.m.) in order to ensure that I would catch my train out of Montreal (because that's where my doctor is) on time (because the train schedules suck). I freaked out somewhat when I got to the subway that was supposed to take me to the train, as there was a "slowdown of undetermined length due to a system failure." I could have murdered someone. But I got to my train in time in the end, and all went well. I spent a nice morning with my mum... went to my bloody check-up... and then discovered a wonderful series (that I had heard of but never watched) called Lie to Me, which I quite enjoyed. I like how they use famous examples of liars in the series: it makes me giggle (especially when George W. Bush or Sarah Palin are featured).

Then I took the train back and took a MASSIVE (and well deserved) nap. And all of this was followed by a horror movie. Michael and I watched the original John Carpenter's 1980 film The Fog. It was great. Though now I am a little freaked out... I cannot bear to look out of the windows into the dark. Irrational fear, I know; but my imagination does tend to run away with me. *sigh* Why do I watch horror movies if they creep me out so... I do not know - but I have a fascination with ghosts. I have spent the rest of my evening reading up on ghost ships. A surprisingly large amount are just off the Canadian East Coast. Now I really want to go to the East Coast and see some ghost ships for myself (though I know I will be unutterably terrified should I see one).

It seems that I am a big scaredy-cat, but that I thoroughly enjoy it all at once. Oh well... it gets my imagination going - and those who know me well know what that means! *wink*

P.S. Les Miserables tomorrow! I am sooooo excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and... okay, I'll shut up. Anyways, I am really looking forward to it. I've been a bouncy ball of excitement about it all day!! Huzzah!! Do you hear the people sing...? (shut up, Naria!)

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