Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 5 - In which there is much aches and pains

My quads hurt. My muscles are killing me!! T__T One of the great problems of student life is that people tend to hit the books, rather than hit the gym. Realizing this, and thinking my legs are too big for their own good, I decided to go to the gym with my mum yesterday, as she has a gym membership and had been insisting for months that I go with her...

So I went. With Michael. We did this super-intensive training class thingy... and now I'm in paaaaaain!!! My body is aching all over, screaming "why? WHY? WHYYYYY???" I haven't trained my body since the summer of 2008. My body is not very happy with me and it's taking revenge on me by making me feel pain at my every move... Sitting down is a real pain in the a**! And in the knees... XP

Also, I am still getting good comments on MM. It makes me rather happy. However, financially - I still totally need a job. I need money... I want to buy some new, awesome stuff, but I'm completely broke! 'S not fair!! T_T

Okay - I'm ranting again. (Note, Starwars ep 3 is playing in the background -Michael was watching it... God! Hayden Christensen SUCKS BALLS!! How could this guy ever be hired as an actor? It's offensive!! He's not even that cute so that his looks make up for his shitty acting! Then again, that Twilight dude is the same too... *sigh* where are all the good actors gone? - oh, and Darth Sithius is a dumb name!)
Anyhoos. I'm in pain. I applied (AGAIN) for Air Canada, to see if I will be a flight attendant or not. We'll know more tomorrow...

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