Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chapter 4 - In which there is some catching up to do

Sorry to anyone out there who might take an interest in my rantings!! Stuff came up and I didn't get the chance to post AT ALL though I wanted to. I have scribbled notes all over my Japanese notes of little quotes and things I wanted to post on my blog.

Life is going, relatively, well. Why relatively? Because my mum has had some recent health problems that concern me... a lot. I was really shocked, because I'm used to my mum being healthy like a bull. I could go into a rant about this, but every time I mention it, I get upset, so best avoid the topic at the moment.

Otherwise, though, life is good. Life is very, very good! ^___^ Michael, Vanessa (who is my friend and new roommate) and I have found our new apartment for next year. It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It is HUGE with lots of windows, a balcony, 5 closets and hardwood floors!! It's a little more expensive than where I life now, but totally worthwhile! The only disadvantage of the place is that the bathroom is a horrid pink colours... but, you know what, I think I can live with that!! (Let's hope my beloved Michael can survive it too... :P )
The apartment is located in a great, quiet, and lovely neighbourhood. It is really close to the school (about 10-15 minute walk if you walk at a comfortable pace), but it's a little bit of a hike, as it is halfway up the Mont Royal! However, this makes me very happy, as it means some daily exercise!! The building is also very secure, with cameras and stuff. The lobby is a little... uhm... a little bit of a turn-off really, as they haven't updated the wallpaper since 1970... It looks like someone regurgitated a wild-berry-peach mix yohgurt all over the wall. But, once inside the actual apartment, the walls are white and pretty - and we can paint 'em the colour we like!

Another thing (and I'm super giddy about this): I FINALLY HAVE MY MODELLING PROFILE!!! I feel so happy! I get lots of comments and people want to have me for their photoshoots! I feel prettier than I ever have in years!

And, before I go (as there is much to be done - homework, mostly) I just need to say one last thing about that prof that was mentionned in chapter 2. The other day, I was in class with that ignorant prof. She said that the gothic lolita style is inspired by - and I kid you not - "the 1920s high Victorian style". There are no words to describe how stupid this remark is. It was even in her slideshow of notes she showed the class!! 1920s and the Victorian era, especially fashion- and manner/habit-wise cancel themselves out. They are complete opposites! I have no IDEA what she was thinking!! Yes, there is some Victorian inspiration to the Gothic Lolita, but also some Edwardian, Roccoco, Medieval, etc. is thrown into the mix... there is no sign of the 1920s!!........... *deflates* Okay, enough said. This was one of the notes scribbled in my books... sorry!

I promise I'll keep up with my updates better from now on!

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