Friday, February 12, 2010

Chapter 3 - In which there is too much excitement to describe

So I'm excited.
TONIGHT IS THE PREMIERE OF PIRATES OF PENZANCE!!! I'm in the chorus, as one of the Major General's daughters... I get to be the skanky one and prance about on stage in a corset... :P I LOVE IT!!
Unfortunately, I have a start of a cold: blocked sinuses and I'm losing my voice, so I hope I'll be able to sing the huge choral numbers tonight (I'm onstage for most of act 1, sweating half to death in my 6 layers of a costume! *sweatdrop*) I think it'll go well though. The McGill Savoy Society has never disappointed me yet! We can do this!! My boyfriend is the tenor lead (Frederick, a naive pirate's apprentice and slave of duty) and it's his birthday today (happy b-day, my love!), just as last year - his birthday was also on opening night!!

Anyhow... I'm super excited and bouncing around in class... The only drawback of being in this super-special-awesome show is that I am soooo not motivated to write my stupid essays... but, honestly, who cares? Why would I write essays when I can be in the best show EVOR?

Okay... this was just a rant... I AM EXCIIIITEEEED!!!!!!!! XD

(sorry about that... if anyone actually dared to read this)

Oh... and, I forgot, but I feel I should write about this: my birthday was last Sunday. It was a good birthday... A very good birthday!! ^___^
I had lots of lovely gifts, spent my time with loved ones in a lovely ambiance (had tons of sushi for food), did three-way translation (this is what happens when you have Francophones, Anglophones and Germans at one same party and you can speak all three languages). And it was finalized with the most awesome birthday sex ever!! :P
Thanks my love!!
(And thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, it was very, very good... It's good to be 21 and legal in all the world!)

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