Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chapter 6 - In which there was curiosity and a mild offence taken

So, last evening, Michael introduced me to this weird thing called "chat roulette". It's basically a chat website with webcam, where you are connected to a completely random stranger and you can keep clicking and meet more completely random strangers. The point is - russian roulette with random strangers who are crazy enough to use this chat website.

Now, it is curiosity that led me to use this last night. It was funny. The first guy on the site I chatted with looked super uber skeezy... I mean, he was wearing sunglasses in the dark!! He turned out to be from Hamburg, Germany though and we spoke in German for the rest of the conversation. He was a really cool guy, and decent - which was a pleasant surprise!

And the following conversation is where it starts getting weird. This young guy, looking more decent than the first one, in a brightly lit room, looked about 14. His first reaction upon seeing me was: "you're pretty, show me your boobs." I told him it was a no and that I wouldn't show him in a million years. Why was that weird? Michael was sitting RIGHT BEHIND ME! The guy could see Michael in the webcam! And yet, he was determined to see my breasts! He kept asking Michael to "share the love". The guy looked no older than 14. Anyways, his effort should be commended, as he keept at it for about 20 minutes before I got tired and switched to the next random stranger the website would give me...

And this is the part where I got offended... or rather, didn't know how to react. The first things the next guy (he must have been 13 or 14! couldn't be older than that!) said was: "flash 'em granny!" - Needless to say that, as a 21 year old woman in the flush of her youth, I do not understand how he could have called me that. I LOOK NOTHING LIKE A GRANNY!! What a jerk... but it doesn't stop there. There was a 2 second pause after that first comment... and then the guy started giggling. "OMG" he repeated twice. "OMG: you're a dude!" And, grossed out, he disconnected. HOW THE F*CKING HELL CAN I BE MISTAKEN FOR A GUY!??! I clearly have a feminine figure, thank you!! *offended pout*

So I don't know what to make about that guy... I had another few conversations after him, some really nice, one that was really funny with a guy from Holland (he said that he worked in the wine industry and that he hoped that we were drinking wine out of our coffee mugs). Others, still, persisted in attempting to have a glimpse of my chest. They don't get that I have high standards... Oh, well...

But, seriousy... how can I be mistaken for a GUY??? *cries*

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