Friday, August 6, 2010

In which there was a lot of injuries

Hello all! I do not have all that much to say/update/blog on today, unfortunately. However, I felt the need to keep my readers up to date on my comings and goings and odd musings (especially my favourite reader, who is currently halfway across the world! ^_^ )

Anyways. Today was ridiculous. I do not think I have ever hurt myself THAT often in less than 24 hours. It all started this morning. As you are all aware, the front steps are no longer there (though this evening, when coming home from work, I happily discovered the skeleton of a new staircase being erected! Hopefully it will be completed by tomorrow and I can use the normal way out again!) and I have had to use the back door, in other words the emergency exit, to get out of my apartment and safely down to ground level. Now, the issue is that there is a fence that keeps our backyard "safe". My roommate and I have a huge issue with said fence... It is locked! We both have the key to the lock, and it IS the correct key (for we compared it with that of our neighbours), however, for some unfathomable reason, it simply does not work. For either of us. So, lately, Vanessa and I have taken to acting like eels of the coast of Canada and just squeezing ourselves through the gap in between the two fence "gates". I must say, we are both very good at that... I am starting to think we may both share some genes with invertebrates.

Anyhow, for some reason, the chain holding the two gate "doors" together was much tighter than usual this morning. Indeed, I could not squeeze through! Or, rather, my body could, but my bloody head could not! I wish I was not so smart! A smaller brain would have been convenient (just kidding here - I am not that pompous... that I know of...) But I certainly did wish that my skull had not fused together yet! Stupid ossification! I was nearly stuck in that fence!! However, after lots of pulling and painful yanks, I got my head out and went to work, temples throbbing like someone had whacked them with a hammer.

I wish the headache had been the worst consequence of my squeeze-through mishap, but there was more. I really hurt my right ear squeezing through that fence. At first I thought it was nothing. My upper ear-lobe was just throbbing and smarting right after the event... which would be consistent with some bruising obtained as I pulled my head through the fence. There were no cuts, no blood, nothing to worry about... so I ignored it. However, that ear has been hurting all bloody day! For nearly 20 hours now, my ear has been smarting. It is not extremely painful, but I cannot say that it is not annoying! I am getting tired of this painful throbbing!! And after having people look at the upper lobe of my ear, they keep saying it looks very red... either bruised or inflamed. I am praying it is a bruise. Because if there is damage to the cartilage, nothing can be done to repair it (cartilage has no blood vessels... I looked it up)... stupid cartilage!
Anyways, now I am trying to figure out a way to sleep without ending up on that ear and making it hurt more.

The day is not over yet, though. The hurts got worse. First off, I have managed to keep my paper-cut record pretty low since starting work for AC. After the first week of work, during which I paper-cut about every square millimeter of my hand, I managed to stay relatively paper-cut free. However, today, I managed to achieve seven paper cuts in four hours alone. It was starting to irk me enormously.

And for the last injury... a passenger showed up with two bags. One of 20 kilos, and one of 36 kilos... DO THEY NOT READ THE RULES?! No single airline would accept that weight! It is 32 kg maximum, even if you pay a fortune!! If you have something that exceeds that weight, I can only say a) Cargo; or b) ship it! Do not put it on a passenger plane! Anyways, the lady wanted help lugging this Godzilla of a luggage... And I promptly somehow screwed up my shoulder while helping her. That will teach me to be nice! I have no idea what I did, all I know it that the lower tip of my left shoulder blade is starting to make me swear and curse a lot. It hurts. I imagine that if someone had lodged a knife in my back, between my bones at that exact spot, it would feel the same. Pleasant. Very pleasant.

And now... in order to no longer sound so frustrated about the pain... (sorry about that... but I ache all over... it does kind of piss me off!)

I had a wonderful two days off with my mum. We did not do much, only hang out together and watch some prime-time tv shows (notably the Mentalist), but it felt really good. It was nice to be back at home. I miss the house I grew up in. I also missed my mum. It was really good to see her. I am happy that her chemo is over soon! And for those who are on facebook, I swear that my mum makes the best SpƤtzle in the world! I even got some for lunch the next morning!

And that is about it for updates. You may want to know that I have been reading a lot of late. I have been drinking more than the daily recomended dose of water in books in the last three days. I love reading... and I had forgotten the joy of it. I have been reading Katy Reichs novels... you know, the ones that inspired the tv show Bones? I love that show. I have been rewatching some episodes online (picking the ones with the most appealing titles) and I have been quite enjoying myself. It is quite the well written show, especially for geeks. And the book is REALLY good! And, speaking of books, the book on how to write fantasy re-appeared... In the KITCHEN! I do not know what it was doing there, as I avoid the kitchen like plague... Must be the wormhole.

Finally, I am sorry to announce that Michael's flowers have dried out. They have lasted about a week, though, which makes me happy. I am just sad to see that their beauty has wilted. Strangely enough, though, they have dried out rather than simply died. That struck me as strange, seeing as I have been changing their water every second day... Oh well... I am not someone who knows much about botanics anyways... It is just unfortunate. I loved those flowers, they meant a lot to me. The first proper bouquet Michael has given me... *sigh*

Anyways - I am off to bed now! I cannot believe how much I have been rambling!

Oh, and P.S. Michael's mum suggested I write about the disappearing objects in my room. Except that I should make it faeries. I like faeries. I think I will take her up on the idea! Look for more developpements on that soon! ;-D

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