Sunday, August 8, 2010

In which there are further head injuries

All right, I confess... this one is not exactly a head injury. But it is pretty darned close to being one!

When I woke up this morning, I had a very nasty surprise. I woke up two hours before my alarm clock - which, as many know, very unusual for me - and woke to find a nice day and to find that I was quite alert and ready to start my day. As I shifted in bed, wishing to get up, pain shot from my left shoulder to my head, causing an almost instant migraine. Wondering what was wrong, I tried to shift my head... and found it was impossible. My head was stuck to the right. I could not even force myself to look to the front.

For half an hour, I made calls to my mum, my dad, etc. in order to figure out what was wrong. It turned out I had what we call, in good French, a "torticollis". Now, I was looking up the word to figure out what it was in English for the sake of my readers, but it came up with such a variety of translations that I am not quite certain of what it is I have. There is a "torticollis" in English too, but it seems to be a handicap from a genetic disorder at birth. I can assure you, this is not my case. Other translations were "wry neck," "neck sprain," "stiff neck," "whiplash," "cricked neck," "neck sore," and several medical conditions in Latin that I will not list here. So take your pick. Decide what I have. One thing I can assure you is that I cannot explain it. I have no idea how it happened. I just woke up with the misfortune of having XYZ condition this morning.

And let me tell you... it is bloody painful! Ignore my previous post. I was fit as a fiddle during that one (despite the top of my right ear being blackened for two days... it has now gone down to a slight redness, which is a good sign). My neck, this morning, was absolute agony! It made me realize just how heavy a body part the head actually is.

Getting up was a bloody nightmare! It took me about 10 minutes just to sit up and it made me cry out as tears stung my eyes from the pain. As I pushed myself up from the mattress, my head's weight pulled my neck backwards. It cause me accute pain, so I tried tensing the muscles to avoid my head tilting backwards... and the pain was even more severe. With my head stuck to the right I tried to get dressed - which is an immensely difficult task, I assure you - and then proceeded to try and look straight ahead of me, instead of constantly to the right (having glasses, I do not like to count on my weak peripheral vision too much). Despite trying to force through the pain, my head would not turn. I even used both my hands to try and turn my head to look forward, but the only result I got was that I ended up screaming and crying. It was rather pathetic.

Anyways, with my head awkwardly twisted to the right, I exited the apartment (through the hint of a new staircase we now have at the front... speaking of which, since that hint of staircase, no further renovations have been done! *pout*). I felt really uncomfortable walking down the street, only able to look over my right shoulder. I had to turn my entire body to look accross the street before crossing at an intersection. And I looked like I was constantly window shopping too! I think others thought I was a bit of a freak really. The oddest thing? A guy picked that moment to compliment me: "You are a very beautiful woman!" he said. However, I could not quite look at him to smile or thank him... because I was stuck at such a stupid angle.

Anyways, I finally made it to the pharmacy and bought several anti-inflamatory creams (which makes me sound like an old arthritic lady, I know!) and several pain-killers. I also bought some Robax muscle relaxants, but I resolved to take those only at night, as I do not wish to fall asleep at work. In the end, after smearing my neck and shoulder with cream and taking several pills, I managed to dull the pain enough to bring my face to look straight ahead of me. I needed to use my hands to turn it forward though. After that, I did not dare move it back to the right in case it got stuck again. So I basically spent the whole day looking straight ahead of me.

Now, work today was, literally, a pain in the neck. I am not used to moving with my entire body when looking at something, or turning to someone. I usually move my head alone. So I made many involuntary sudden movements (especially to my left side). The pain shot through me like a gunshot (not that I would know what that feels like, but... well, never mind!) and caused migraines, nausea and dizziness. I think I even came down with a small fever at some point, because I felt cold, then warm, then shivered... It was, all in all, a crappy day! I even think passengers thought me rude, because I would often lead them (to bagage drop, etc.) with my back to them. Usually, I like turning around to address them, but it was impossible today. And looking down at passports and computer screens was excruciating and difficult! And people kept walking out of my line of sight too! I did not enjoy this at all! *pout*

As a result, despite wanting to complete my cosplay tonight, I was unable to work on my costume at all. I will admit, I am not keen on leaning over my sewing machine when my neck is making me swear every few minutes. This is really stupidly painful! And I cannot explain why! Frustrating!

Unfortunately, I do not have many other news to convey. Michael has been completely silent for a while, though I imagine his programme keeps him that busy, so it is not really an issue. I still miss him dearly... though the strong pain in my neck is providing a good (however unhealthy) distraction. I am looking forward to seeing Michael back.

Other than that, there is not much to say. I am still watching the series Bones with enthusiasm. I find it brilliant that Brennan (the main character) is, like the creator of the series, an author of mystery fiction on top of being a forensic anthropologist. But the funny part? The main character in Brennan's book is named after the author of the "Bones" books: Kathy Reichs! I thought that was a hilarious idea (you only find out in passing in the episode "The Bodies in the Book" from season 2). Anyways... I thought I would just share my appreciation for that.

Okay... that is it for me tonight! I will now turn off the lights and sleep as well as I can with a neck that feels like it has been wrongly screwed onto my vertebrae. Goodnight!

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