Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In which severe head trauma is imminent

Well, for those of you with facebook, this is probably old news, but that does not matter - the post goes up anyway! Yay!! (I figured I had to update my avid readers with something! XD )

So, here is the full account of how I nearly died.

On Sunday, I decided that, if I was to make a costume as extravagant as the Angel Sanctuary outfit, I was in desperate need of a dress form. Problem: they cost a fortune. So I followed people's advice and decided to make one out of duct-tape. Other than the fact that my feet started smarting really badly after a while, the whole process went well and smoothly.

I will not lie, it was quite warm in that duct-tape dress that was around me, as my roommate Vanessa struggled to make it into the perfect mould of my body. However, I would not have judged it as too warm. Many people have been pointing out that it was 30 degrees Celsius outside, but we had several fans going on inside and, for someone like me, who cannot produce her own body heat, I felt quite pleasant during the taping process...

Apparently, my brain registered the temperature as wonderfully and comfortably warm, my body, on the other hand, decided to violently protest. When the time came to cut me out of the dress form, my head started spinning. It was genuinely terrifying! I did not know where up or down was and the living room of my apartment was, quite literally swimming before my eyes... I could not tell where I was for a moment. The odd sensation is really hard to describe, but I think the closest feeling to it would be how your stomach churns when you are in an elevator that does not run smoothly. My stomach was, indeed, churning from all the vertigo my dizziness was causing. It felt like I had been on a high-speed merry-go-round or something...
Anyways, my ears also started ringing. So loudly that I could not hear what my roommate was saying to me, though I did register that she was trying to speak to me.

Then, I was lying on the floor, with not the slightest clue of how in the world I might have ended up there. I had fainted. It had barely been a few seconds, but it was a definite loss of consciousness.

Now, the dizziness and the creepy blackout of the event is my side of the story. But my roommate also told me what she saw. Apparently, my face drained of colour. Not only did I go entirely white, but she say my lips had turned the colour of my skin (which is frightfully pasty even as we speak because I do not get enough sun!)... which must have made me look like death warmed up. No wonder she was alarmed. Although, she deserves a medal: she handled the situation beautifully!

She says I started hyperventilating. I do not have any recollection of this. She says she was trying to give me advice to breathe (but I guess this was the part where I could no longer hear her from all the buzzing in my ears). And then I went down. I fell to my knees first and then forward. Luckily, Vanessa saw danger coming before anything could happen: my head was on a straight crash-course with the corner of our coffee table. I would probably have bashed my skull open and THEN we would have had a major problem... But Vanessa caught me just on time an gently guided me to the nice, carpeted floor. Accident avoided. I think she did a great job and has a lot of merit for saving me from a bloody disaster!

Apparently, I tried standing up several times and could not be convinced to stay down once I had fallen... I do not remember this either - I was lying perfectly still when I regained consciousness. However, my brain did register that I was lying dangerously near the coffee table and I was amazed that an accident had been avoided at all.

Seconds later, I was cut out of my dress form and felt much better in less than ten minutes. Now I feel fit as a fiddle (though exhausted from the day's training!). It was just a super scary situation... this has never happened to me before. But, I must say, it was rewarding: I now have a great (and ultra-cheap!) dress form to work with! YAY!!!

In other news, Michael is hanging on to his job well, which means he does not need to go back to Toronto for the summer! This makes me super happy!
On the other hand, my schedule sucks. I have six consecutive days of work (no days off in between), at which I start my shift at 4 a.m..... this means getting up at 2 a.m. *sigh* I wish I could have the evening shifts because
a) I am nocturnal... I am very active at night and have loads of energy, no matter how tired I feel... however, I am NOT a morning person at all!
b) The evening is when all the international flights are leaving - thus, the most interesting part of a day... it sucks that I have to miss out on it!!! *cries*

Also, during observation at check-in today, I had my first real jerk of a passenger. He said something along the lines that we did not take good care of our customers because we were taking too long. He also said that he could do what we did much faster without even having to touch the keyboard. Well, I have news for him: if we do not touch the keyboard, we cannot verify his information and thus cannot print his boarding pass. Ergo, he would NOT be flying if we did it "without touching the keyboard" as he said. He said he was a frequent flyer and new everything of airline travel... obviously not. I would like to see him try to check himself in with our system (not the airport kiosks)... and, if it was so easy, why did he not check in with kiosk in the first place... *sigh* Some people will never cease to amaze me...

Anyways... that's all for now. My brain is reeling with information about how to execute a check-in... but that is not of interest to any of my readers... if I have any...

And thus, goodnight!

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  1. (I am such a bad facebookian lool XD Barely go there XD bad bad bad u-u)

    So scary O_O your experience with the duct-tape dummy O_O Well, glad you did not hit the coffee table Ô_o (kupo! to your friend XD) Well, at least in the end you have your super awesome AND cheap dummy XD (I will take note to be careful about having lots of empty space around me if I ever do one XD)

    Glad Michael if feeling better and is still working ^^ As for your early morning shift, hum, maybe you can think of them as REALLY REALLY late night shift X''''D

    Aaw u_u *hug* Jerks are everywhere, sadly XD here a hug to drive them away >D *HUUUUG*

    Ryu <D