Sunday, June 20, 2010

In which Michael stabbed himself in an impossible way...

Crap! I have been neglecting my blog again! I am so sorry! Please, please, PLEASE understand: it is because of my work! I love working for Air Canada, I really do! However, because of the riddiculous hours (i.e. getting up at 5 a.m. all week) my brain has been waaaay to tired to come up with anything witty to post. Not that I did not have anything witty to say, in fact, I have loads of catching up to do... but it was just not possible for me to post with an overtired brain (I was seriously overtired: I did some weird dance in the middle of the Trudeau airport terminal... Chanelle giggled... I felt... weird...)

So. The first week of training with Air Canada is over. It was okay - very interesting for sure. However, I cannot wait to be on the floor and actually DO the stuff I have been learning. On Friday, we had an awesome module about dangerous goods (how much you are allowed to bring on board, what is forbidden and how to handle stuff) and about passengers who are not allowed to fly (for various reasons). We also had a small history of terrorism, to show that some terrorists are usually not at all suspicious (see the UNAbomber). Some cases were rather shocking (notably the Lockerbie bomber who placed a bomb on his pregnant wife and sent her on a Pan Am flight 103... 270 people died as a result!), others were well known already (I had seen a few cases on the show Mayday, that plays on the Discovery Channel... got to love Discovery! XD )

Speaking of Mayday... during lunch break, my colleague Chanelle and I went to the Burger King at the terminal to eat. As we sat there, we started discussing the show and which episode we liked best. We also discussed the plane crashes - which were the worst in aviation history in our opinion and why and what exactly happened during the crash. We got a lot of worried looks from some nearby passengers (we were not exactly whispering): it was HILARIOUS! I am certain that a couple of passengers now live in fear of losing the tail fin of their aircraft. Not that the actual accident is anything to laugh about... but the weird stares always make me laugh...

Anyhoots... as for Michael's stab-wound...

On Thursday night, Michael had his first day of work at a restaurant downtown. I was really happy for him, as he has finally found a job and that means he does not have to go back to Toronto for the summer (I really do not want him to go!! - though I agree he should spend at least some time there to see his parents...) So I was really proud of Michael and, because he was working hard, I took a nice long nap coming back from training at Air Canada. When I woke up, it was 9:30 p.m. and I still had not heard from Michael. I was starting to be concerned and texted him.

An hour later, Michael gave me a call. He started the conversation like this: "Now don't freak out..." Okay. That's off to a bad start. The guy is supposed to know me. You do NOT tell me not to freak out! I immediately think of the worst case scenarios!! And guess what - that DOES cause me to freak out... Bad start to a conversation... Silly Mike!
So, I was trying to stay calm, trying not to imagine stuff (I thought he had been mugged, or arrested, or I do not know what!) and asked what was up. "I am being driven to the hospital," he said. To which the freak-out REALLY started.

It turns out he had been taking out trash at the restaurant, and the glass stem of a wine glass was poking out of one of the garbage bags. As he lifted the bag, the glass stem poked a bloody (literally!) hole in his tummy!! What the hell? He will need to start wearing armoured vests to work, I think...

Anyways - having a hole in your abdomen from a shard of glass is certainly much worse than just having a sore throat, so despite Michael's attempts to convince me to just go to sleep and rest for work the next day, I went to see him at the hospital. It sucked: I could not stay with him very long, as I decided to take the last subway home. Needless to say, I hardly slept that night. Poor Michael did not get out of the hospital until 14 hours later, that is to say, at 12:45 p.m. I got a text message at work around noon that said: "I am finally out and I have three stitches!" I am not sure that was supposed to make me happy, but it did reassure me.

Now Michael is perfectly fine. It just worried me A LOT when it happened... *sigh* But I am glad it is nothing worse.

Oh, and COSPLAY news! I have decided that, since I have missed Anime North (again! *cries*) I would definitely go to Otakuthon (the Montreal Anime Convention in August). And, in order to make up for me not going to AN, I decided to make an awesome, ostentiatious and stunning cosplay. So, I am going to dazzle people by cosplaying Jibril (the Archangel Gabriel) from Angel Sanctuary. Specifically, I wish to cosplay the artbook version of the character (I have been in love with that picture since I was ten years old!). Here is the picture of the cosplay I wish to make. It is rather over the top, but I really want to do this! I already have the wig too!

Anyways - so that was my week. I do not have much more to say, unless I wish to confuse the few readers I have with airport codes and aviation lingo... but yeah, Air Canada is loads of fun, Michael should be more careful around sharp objects, and I have finally started a new cosplay! Yay me!! I think that life is the best it could be right now...

So here is hoping that next week will allow me to blog some more!

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  1. OMG >< poor michael >< seems to hurt a lot! >< *hates sharp object* well, I suppose three stitches is not so bad =S Anyway, send to Michael my "get well" wish <3 (don't know if I said the right word for that, but, oh well, you will understand me I hope u_u''')

    Glad you like your new job 8D I am also sure they will teach you Kung-fu or something to control over-agressive passengers >D XD

    And yay for Otakuthon 8D And your choice of cosplay is so beautiful D MWAHAHAHA! And you already have the wig 3 I shall start my cosplay tomorrow too! I am motivated!!!! *A* RAAAAWR!

    Till next time <D

    Ryu =3