Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chapter 24 - In which the semester is finally over

The semester is finally over!!
I finished my last exam - and with one hour to spare! It was ridiculously easy! I was not even stressed out by it... I was rather sustained through it by the thought that in three hours, I would be done with the semester and I would start on VACATION!! AWESOME!! And that thought was NEEDED because otherwise I would have fallen asleep on my exam - it was honestly THAT dull! Although, the other thing that kept me awake was my bladder... I hate exams and the need for "special permission" to leave the examination room (especially when you have super cranky and evil looking invigilators). Fifteen minutes in, I really wanted the exam to be over asap because I happened to have brought a bottle of water with me (which I sincerely regretted)... so yeah - my brain works faster under the threat of an exploding bladder! XD

But the exam does not matter. No, it does not. I need to tell you why I am not happy about the end of my semester... It's snowing. I kid you not! It's futt bucking SNOWING!! At the END of April!! And it's no longer melting snow either! When last I looked, the beautiful, lush green grass, and the spring coloured foliage was covered in white flecks of... of... of...!!! *hyperventilates*

Alright, I'm kidding - I'm not having a hyperventilation attack. I just really like that word "hyperventilation"... don't you? (I digress... again.)

Anyhoots, I am thinking that the trip to Germany could not be any more welcome! If snow is here in Montreal, then I want to get the hell out of here!! We're flying soon... so soon! I'm really excited about it! I'm looking forward to introducing Michael to my family and showing him around the gorgeous countryside! And we're also going to go see the Passion Play, which is only on once every 10 years. I went to see it in 2000 and now I'm seeing it again... looking forward to it!
*Sigh* I can't tell how many things I am looking forward to... Eis Cafe Paradiso (the best ice cream parlour in the WORLD!) ever day... beautiful Alps all around us... castles (built by crazy, but still awesome Ludwig II of Bavaria)... museums... yummy, awesome food!!!! *SQUEE*
Okay - I need to calm down - I'm looking forward to this almost a little too much! XD
The bottom line is, I cannot wait to show Michael all of this! It's going to be absolutely AMAZING! I am already packing my stuff...!

Other than the fact that I can't wait to breathe in European (specifically German) air again, I am really looking forward to seeing my family again. I have not seen my grandparents from Germany since I went there last... in January 2008. I truly miss them. And now the time to see them again is at hand... I'm soooooo excited!!

Okay - I lost the thread of what I was going to say... *pout* Anyways, we've found a person who would take over the apartment from us, so all is well and we move out in June. So upon my return I'll look forward to that. Yay! Larger apartment!

... this is the most nonsensical post ever... I apologize...

Oh, yeah - I probably won't be blogging much during the month of May: my grandparents don't have Internet, so near-daily posts will not be happening while I'm in Germany. However, you may expect a full account (pictures included) upon my return!!

Look out Europe! Here we come! (still three days to go... but never mind that...)

P.S. - Because of the Germany trip, however, it seems Anime North is out of the question after all... *pout* I have to miss out on it for another year *eyes tear up*... And costume-wise, though I have the pattern, I do not have time to sew Erica Fontaine's outfit in two days, so that's not happening either *cries now*. I cannot exactly bring my sewing machine to Germany, sadly. I know I cannot have it all - but, I will admit, I do want it all. I wish I could do both Germany AND Anime North... so I am a little disappointed in truth... However, Germany will more than make up for the loss, I am sure. Next year, next Anime North, I WILL be there! And I will have the most AMAZING costume ever that will even flabbergast Sarcasm Hime! Go me!!

That's all, for real now! Ta!

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  1. "so yeah - my brain works faster under the threat of an exploding bladder! XD"
    LOOOOOOOL this is the best line ever XD

    Aww =( you will miss Anime North u_u Well, there is still Otakuthon in Montreal in August 8D you can pre-register your tickets with for 35$ until the end of May on internet 8D (after that, it will be 40$ if I remember, but oh well, it's all on their website XD) And, I am sure you can hunt for some German Anime Convention! XD (From the many German cosplayer I am watching on Deviant Art (why are hey sooo goood with cosplay i-i really i-i) there seems to have some conventions there XD

    But YEAH!!! Create an awesome cosplay that even her eyes (Sarcasm Hime XD) will explode!!!!! >D Make Kenji-chan proud lol!!! XD

    Ryu <3