Thursday, March 25, 2010

The votes are in!!!


And the winner of "Who will Naria be Cosplaying for Anime North?" is...

ERICA FONTAINE (battle outfit) from Sakura Taisen!!
Congratulations Erica!

The exact results are as follows (and I swear they were very hard to compile: I got votes via email, via blog, via facebook... I could never remember who had voted what so I kept going back to double-check)

Erica: 7 votes

Eclair: 4 votes

Lunamaria: 5 votes

Good job to all contestants! XD Incidentally, I noticed that all characters I proposed wear a massive amount of red... What IS it and my obsession with RED??? And here I thought I was a fan of the colour purple... This is so strange and I am positively befuddled (I went through my wardrobe yesterday and I really do have an overarchingly red selection of clothes...) But anyways, it seems I like red, and Erica wears red, so all is good.

So... what does this mean?
1 - I'll go out hunting for fabric after class tomorrow... hopefully I can scrape up some credit card money to buy nice red fabric...
2 - I need to find a pattern and I need to modify the daylights out of it, because no tailcoat pattern will come with weird, overblown, silver buttons...
3 - I need to buy a long, auburn, wig for a reasonable price and make sure it shows up in the mail in time for the con, preferably before departure for Germany (I should get on that right now then, shouldn't I?)
4 - I need to figure out how to do the weird metal knobs on Erica's shoulders and make sure they hold firm.

It should all work out nicely... one step at a time... *sweatdrop*

On another, side note, I loathe, hate and despise essays!!! As much as I love fairytales and folklore, having to write about them SUCKS!! The Four Branches of the Mabinogion are just not that interesting a read, frankly (at least not stylistically speaking... many "And the hero did this. And then he did that. And then there was a feast. And then... and then... and then..."... *massive sigh*) And I haven't even started on reading up on the Tain yet, and it's incredibly hard literature with loads of Old Irish words that I couldn't pronounce if my life depended on it. I swear there is a whole in my tongue from trying to pronounce names like Llefelys and Medb (which is, in fact, pronounced "Maeve"... all my efforts wasted on something spelled weird, but in fact, easy to pronounce). .... Okay, complaining bit is done.

I will soon start on my cosplay (hopefully) HUZZAH!!!

And, I promise, next post will be another "In which" chapter...

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  1. Need some website for wigs? XD
    this one seems to have a lot of choice, and ebay is your friend <D (I asked some friends, who purchased their wig online, how long it take, less than a month, around 2-3 weeks)

    Ryu (josée)