Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Pictures II...

So here are some more pictures from Fischer Fine Art. They are gorgeous! The shoot turned out really great!

Robin Hood and Maid Marian... before he leaves for Sherwood Forest... (^___^)

My new, absolute favourite! This could be the Lady of Shalott (except that I need to be inside a boat if I really want to look like a Waterhouse painting, lol!)

Hope these are appreciated!

And again, thanks to Fischer Fine Art for the fantastic photography work!!

Oh, and because I've changed my image up at the top, for nostalgia's sake, here's the Snake from the book of Genesis picture!

The Serpent in the Book of Genesis (or Lilith, however you wish to see it). It's basically a personification of Temptation, my first self-sewn costume, that I made for last Halloween (2009).

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  1. Die Bilder sind klasse - mir gefällt vor allen Dingen das mit der Kirche im Hintergrund und das andere wo Du an der Mauer stehst. Das "Gemählde" ist auch toll, aber What happened to your nose on that one? Schau's Dir nochmal genau an un frag ihn ob er das Loch füllen kann.

    XO B