Friday, March 26, 2010

This pisses me off so much, I HAD to post it...

So, turns out the USA bred a stupid bitch called Anne Coulter, who came to make some hate speeches in Canada. She states that she's in the right to do so and that Canadians are unintelligent for not appreciating her...
It's people like Anne Coulter that cause so many smart American students to study elsewhere because she's such a bleeding c*nt!! (sorry for the rudeness!)

Here's an article about her latest speech...

Please read it. And then compare to what the complete twat had to say. I cannot tell you how offended I am that someone as ignorant as her DARES to insult the intelligence of Canadian university students (saying our IQ is 0 and such...)...

Thank goodness she didn't come to McGill, or even I would have found the time to stop working on essays and join the "riot"! Hell, I would have lain down in front of her car if it stopped her reaching the campus - I don't want her to befoul the soil of my dearly beloved school... Unfortunately, she has already tainted the country with the dirty soles of her expensive shoes, earned by promoting hatred...

Sigh. Okay. Rant done. I. Hate. Her. I hope she gets put away and confined to the USA.


  1. Why are you so angry - and why are you even giving this woman a single thought. Right wingers like her are all the same all over the world and are nothing but modern Nazis. Acknowledging her gives her the power she wants - if none gives her a forum she will lose it.

  2. who, the article is so long!

    *continue her reading* But..omg XD This woman is an idiot XD oh my, I will give her the credit that she is entertainment since she is so stupid and crazy stupid comment XD

    jeez, I think she personify everything that is dark about American, every bad stereotype, probably that is what make her funny in my eyes XD

    Really, yes, what she says is insulting (damn, my jaw dropped when I read what she told to that Muslim girl, like...noooo, she did not dare say that?!?) If I ever see her, I think I would say to her: thank you for being so entertaining! Continue being so stupid and a racist stereotype american 8D