Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter 14 - In which Naria laments that money does NOT grow on trees

Hello blog. It's me. I apologize that I am using you, once again, for the purpose of my complaining... then again, that's what I created you for...

Here it goes...

I bought the pattern for my Erica Fontaine costume. It's a FANTASTIC pattern!! A little hard to do, as tailcoats are, quite obviously, not the easiest garment in the world to put together, but a great pattern nonetheless. It's actually the pattern for a woman's tuxedo, complete with tailcoat, tuxedo shirt and dress pants instructions. It's a beautiful thing, really! I've already cut out all the paper pattern in my excitement to start on the cosplay too. And the best thing about this pattern is that, should I find some awesome gold sequin-y fabric before next Halloween, I can totally make a Columbia (yes, THE Columbia) outfit for myself based on this wonderful, wonderful pattern!!
(And for those who wonder why I'm thinking about my Halloween costume already, know that the night of Samhain is my favourite time of year and that, as soon as the revels of the night/weekend are over, I am already thinking about my costume for next year... damn me and my love for theater and costuming!)
Aaaaaaaanyways. Back to the Erica Fontaine costume. It is a wonderful thing that I found this pattern for it. I was actually getting quite desperate at Fabricville, looking through catalog after catalog, and no tailcoat in sight... But then I stumbled upon it and almost shrieked with glee, so it's all good. I am going to have to modify said pattern quite a bit (no tailcoat comes with huge semi-circles cut out of its front instead of buttonholes!) but that's not a big issue. I'm going to redraw the few pattern bits I'm planning to change, so that the original remains unaltered for Columbia and a smashing Rocky Horror costume...
I bet you're wondering "when is she going to lament?" well, it's coming up, I beg for your patience...
So, I also looked through the store, glancing here and there in search of the perfect red fabric for the outfit. I found it. It's absolutely stunning, wonderfully light and blood-red velvet!! I love it! I'd buy the whole roll of it if I could! The texture of it... the lightness of it... it's just... delicious!! Wonderfullest (yes, I invented a word - leave me alone!) fabric EVER! There is one catch though... 22.99$ a meter. And I need at least (at least!) two... and then I also need to buy white fabric. The perfect white is a lovely, pure white (seriously - so pure white, it BLINDS!) stretch fabric... don't remember whether it's polyester or nylon or something... but it's wonderfully stretchy and yet quite opaque despite being white. This fabric is PERFECT for the shirt and boot covers for the Erica costume. The issue: 19.99$ a meter. And this one needs at least three!! Sigh.
(And now, the complaining bit...)
I hate being broke! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!! I feel bad for complaining about it all the time, but I just don't have the time to handle school and a job as things are standing now (finals fast approaching, and important stuff to do every weekend - homework, essays, visiting mum, etc.). So I am earning no money, and yet I am spending. I'm not even spending much of it on myself. The pattern cost me 7.00$ for crying out loud! And that's ALL I spent on myself lately!! The rest all goes to rent or food. And now that we have a new apartment (yay!!! we have a new apartment - everything went according to plan and we are taking over Margaret and Laura's place...) we have to pay next month's rent plus the first month's rent for the new apartment as a down payment... GRAAAAH!!!! Why does money NOT grow on trees!! I need it so badly right now!!
I honestly, truly wish I could have a job right now. I hate having to ask my parents for money. But I really can't handle a part-time job right now and keep my sanity. I am going insane as it is and I'm only doing SCHOOL!! Essays are driving me up the wall, writer's block is getting the better of me, I am dreaming about MATH PROBLEMS (which I haven't done since high-school!) and my fingers are itching to sew, when I should be doing other stuff... I am going to turn into a squirrel if my life stays this nuts!! I couldn't fit a job into my schedule if I wanted to, and I have looked around too. NOBODY is hiring!! Sigh. And so I'm guilt tripping every time I have to ask people to help me out financially. I mean, I really do want to take care of myself on my own... but it's so darn HARD as a full-time student!!
So... yeah... Yay! We have a new apartment... Boo! Because it means I'll have to spend TWICE as much as usual when April hits us. Huzzah!! *unenthusiastic, lazy wave of the hand*

There you have it. The lament is done. I apologize to those who read this for my whining, but it's true and I just couldn't bottle it up anymore.

On the plus side... red velvet is REALLY pretty.... I just can't afford it. *cries*

*Edit: Here's to make up for my lamenting. This is a HILARIOUS video! Nothing new, but dead funny anyways. Watch and enjoy:
I guess it's not only European men who enjoy their toilet paper rough...! :P

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