Monday, March 15, 2010

Chapter 8 - In which success has been achieved

Despite all my complaining, things are going well!! :D


Front view of the dress, there is a red underskirt... I won't post the back view, as it's sort of boring. You can check out my facebook if you like.

So, I might add a trim or two to the neckline and the sleeve edges if I find a trim that pleases me. Also, I wanted to add fur trim to the bottom of the dress, but unfortunately I couldn't find a faux-fur that suited my taste (they only had fake leopard... and God knows that in the early 15th century, they had not the slightest clue of what a leopard might look like). I am super picky. Preferably, I'd have trimed it with real fur (rabbit - it's okay because people eat them, so I don't need to feel too bad): but, as a broke student, I don't exactly have the means to buy real fur. Result: no fur at all, at the moment. That can always be subject to change! :P

So, my dress is complete. I'm really happy with it, as I finished it in about three days, with only very minor swearing. It's also the first time I've ever worked with grommets. I feel good about myself. Success at sewing feels VERY rewarding.

Now, where to wear this? I really want to wear it to Casa Loma Renaissance Faire in Toronto, because Michael keeps talking about it and it sounds fun. I'd prefer wearing it to a Faire in Germany, but, alas! Germany is not for me this year. Once again, I'll be stuck working all summer *sigh*... and I was soooo looking forward to it too! *pout*

Anyways, I'm starting to not feel so desperate about my sewing skills anymore. It's fun. But I still need a serger!! Desperately!!!

And, with that said, my next project will be... an early Elizabethan gown!! Yay me and complex projects!!! :D
..... No, I'm not crazy! Why would you think that?

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