Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chapter 9 - In which prayers are asked for

Hi to anyone out there.

I found this video - nothing new - simply Monthy Python, but, as we all know, Monthy Python is awesome. There's not much more than that to say. I'm sure that, when the Monthy Python crew has died, they will be second to God in heaven, as a team and make sure that the world looks like some huge themepark or something! :D
Anyways; here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M68GeL8PafE
Now, mum, I hope you'll read this. I know this video isn't exactly encouraging when thinking of doctors, but I wouldn't worry - so long as your surgeon doesn't have a moustache and a handkerchief on his head! (hihi) Ich druecke dir ganz, ganz fest die Daumen, und der Michael auch. Wir lieben dich und senden viele positiven Gendanken in deiner Richtung...

And now, for everyone else. Why do I ask for prayers? Well, my mum is getting operated tomorrow morning. I want the whole WWW to pray for her and for the team of doctors. As my mum said: we want to make sure they're all well awake during the surgery. Please, please, please people: I would be very greatful if your thoughts were with us on this! You know I would do the same... So keep my mum in mind tomorrow morning! Thanks.

And the last word today goes to... Bones. YAY TEMPE BRENNAN!!! My friend, Margaret, lent me the entire first Season DVDs. It's awesome! I love the series! Cool lines of dialogue and fun relationships between the characters. I'm really enjoying the series. Especially as I had never seen season 1. Oh, and Booth is awesome... really, really HOT!! XD

Anyways, remember to pray (or send vibes, or whatever you do depending on your beliefs) and I'll update again soon!

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