Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chapter 11 - In which Naria has no idea what title to give

Yeah, sorry about that. I wanted to call the chapter "in which a nice day was spent," but that's just too fromage for my taste. I did, however, have a truly wonderful day. I have a bit of a sore throat, which would put a damper on things on any normal day, but today was a really relaxing, enjoyable Saturday... so no harm done by the sore throat.

First things first. I did not sleep in today. So if any of you like to fancy that I enjoyed my day because of sleep you're... not entirely wrong. I woke up at 8:30 this morning, but I had a replenishing nap around three in the afternoon... Which was just really, really nice. But, aside from the nap...
I woke up at 8:30 this morning at at 9:00 I went out for breakfast with Michael to a small deli around the corner of our place. Since we decided to make it a nice day, we decided to eat out for breakfast, as we rarely ever do that.
After that, we went home and got ready for my photoshoot. That's right, a real photoshoot! I have recently put up my modelling profile and a photographer contacted me for a shoot. It wasn't a paid shoot - sadly - but as I am still a beginner, I don't mind. Eventually, I'll ask for a salary. But I can still do a few shoots for free to embellish and perfect my portfolio. It was a really cool shoot. Remember the medieval gown of awesomeness?? Yup, that's right! It was a shoot all about that dress!! We shot at a super nice location in Westmount, close to the mountain, where there are these really nice old buildings made of stone... the gold and red of my dress really popped against that scenery! It was GREAT!! As for my hair, I "italian taped" two strands on either side with some ribbon... it looked really pretty. It reminded me a little of Juliet in some classic presentations of Shakespeare's famous (cheesy) tragedy. (No offence, Will Shakespeare! I love your work, but seriously - you could have done better on R&J, they are the two biggest twats in the history of theater!)
Okay... I'm veering severely off course just now... ^__^ To get back to the shoot, it was really fun. Quite short and sweet to be honest: we only shot for about an hour, max an hour and a half. Unfortunately, it turned bloody cold. Considering yesterday was about 10 degrees and today was windy and overcast (and slightly rainy) with only 5-6 degrees celcius... I sorta froze my cute butt off. But it was well worth it. I think we did some good work. I'll post some pictures up soon (we need to take out some anachronisms (i.e. cars and streets lights) out of the background). Too bad it was so cold or I think I could have done the shoot even longer!
Then I got home and had a nice long nap... of two hours I think...
And then I found this online, careful, fashionistas and fans of vintage clothing: you may have to severely squee upon seeing this website. This is my new website of what I want and covet:
Check out the evening wear, but the day wear - all the cherry clothes and sailor clothes - are my favs! Absolutely gorgeous! And they match some of my high heels too!! I totally want some of these dresses for the summer... *sigh* Why must I be so broke? *cries*

Anyhoots... conclusion of this extensive, yet wonderfully random post, I had a really great day today! <3

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