Friday, March 19, 2010

Chapter 10 - In which Naria is feeling rather frustrated

Yes, Naria has decided that, from now on, she will adress herself in the third person at all times...
No, we're just kidding: we will henceforth be using the royal plural on ourselves...

Okay, enough kidding around. I just didn't think that "In which I am feeling rather frustrated" made a good chapter title! Now give it a rest, thank you.

So, why am I feeling frustrated. Well, one, it could be because I'm in class and bored out of my skull - but that happens regularly and it doesn't frustrate me all that much... it makes me sleep, but no more. Which, incidentally, is why am blogging right now: I look like I'm taking notes, but my attention to the class has gotten lost somewhere in time-space continuum. Please don't hate me (should my professors stumble upon this page inadvertantly).

Anyhow... back to frustrations...

1. Apartment issues
Okay, I didn't have the chance to tell you yet that I have encountered the ABSOLUTE. WORST. DOUCHEBAG. ON. THE. PLANET!!!
He was the landlord of my dream apartment. Now, I must describe that apartment to you: large and beautifully spacious, windows in EVERY ROOM, the wall of the living area (living room, dining room, etc.) was LINED with windows and even had a door to a balcony!! The floors were hardwood. It had two closed bedrooms with large windows and closets and had two further closets, not including another linen closet, in the apartment. The ceilings where high, the walls where white... it was just gorgeous... Oh, and did I mention it was a NICE hardwood floor consistant throughout the apartment? None of those cheap looking parquet floors... The dining area was somewhat seperate from the really LARGE living room, though not seperated by an actual door and the kitchen was seperate from the dining area too. It had loads of cupboards, was a decent, real kitchen size, and had a DISHWASHER!!! The only not-so-nice thing about the apartment was the horrid wallpaper in the building's lobby: unchanged since the 1970s, it looked like someone had regurgitated their yohgurt parfait all over the wall... but otherwise, the place was clean, secure, and nice and at a GREAT location...
So, why didn't we get that apartment, because, BELIEVE ME, we wanted to... well, it's because the landlord refused to rent to us. He said, at first, that it is illegal for 3 people to reside in a 2 bedroom apartment. I knew that was bogus, as when I lived on Cote-des-Neiges with my dad, we were also 3 people in a 2 bedroom. So I called the Regie du Logement and checked. It is not illegal. In fact, Montreal law states that there can be up to 2 people per room (not bedroom, ROOM) in an apartment. That means we could have had 10 people in there before infringing any law. Of course, there is another, Quebec law, that states that the ammount of people in an apartment can be of any number, so long as every single person in the dwelling can live comfortably and in sanitary condition. Which in an apartment this size would definately have been the case for us 3. Now, Michael and I had our lovely roommate call the landlord (not letting him know she was with us) and enquire again about renting the apartment. He refused, saying, again, that renting to 3 people was illegal and that "THIS ISN'T STUDENT HOUSING."
WHO CARES??? I have lived in an apartment all year that ISN'T student housing! So long as we pay the rent, what's your bleeding problem??? Someone should surgically remove the metal bar rammed up your arse, mister! Anyways, the guy was a total jerk, he would cut accross us and never let us finish our sentences or let us explain that we had good references from other apartment owners. If I had the time to spare, I would try to bring him to justice.
But anyways, now that I know how the guy is, I wouldn't want to live in that apartment: the landlord is too much of a jerk.
So it's up to plan B: Margaret and Laura, two really good friends of ours, are moving out of their apartment because they were looking for a different place. Margaret has been living in said apartment for 2 years and there haven't been any problems with the landlord... And, talking on the phone with the landlord, we found out they were REALLY NICE. So we're thinking of taking over that place... It's right beside Berri-UQAM metro, so easy of access to a lot of stuff... but still, not as many windows as the dream apartment... *SIGH*

2. Job issues
I'm broke. And I hate it. It sucks. Why am I a student? It means you're permanently broke... Anyways, in order to solve the broke-ness of my wallet, I tried finding a job after Pirates of Penzance was over. Guess what? Nada! Niet! No jobs! No place is hiring, not even some sketch, skeezy, creepy stores on Sainte-Catherine. Trust me, I've checked! Nowhere is hiring, and I've failed to get into places where I've applied... How's that fair? I'm over-qualified for most of the stuff I apply for anyways... But it's not that that frustrates me (though the gaping hole in my wallet is DEFINATELY annoying me!)
I had applied to Air Canada, to become a Toronto based flight attendant for the summer. I got DISSED! They sent me an email saying that "they will proceed with more qualified candidates"... THE JERKS!!! They didn't even bother testing my language skills before passing judgement! And, believe me, I spoke better German than most people who showed up claiming to speak that language. It's not FAIR!! Why do I keep applying and showing up to their stupid hiring process every year if they complete ignore me, if they don't even TRY to see me for what I'm worth? I KNOW I could do the job! I KNOW I am probably more gifted with languages than a lot of those who show up... so WHY???????!!!!! Graaaarrrrrgh!!!


I have vented now.

Sorry - this was a very angry post. Don't mind the caps lock... I wasn't screaming at any of you... my mind was just screaming at the jerks in the world...

*Deep breath* All better now... I think...

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  1. *so laaaaate!*

    About the apartment, you can always bring him to justice when you will have time B) <--smiley with cool glasses XD It's always time for some justice!

    about the job, one of my friend at my work place told me that, for most of the bank (I should have asked him more precisely which one) even if you work part-time for the human resources I guess, you are extremely well paid! Working in a bank could always be a back up :O

    here, it makes everything better <D

    Ryu (Josée)