Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In which Montreal weather has gone haywire

The weather has been really terrible of late. A few days ago, the weather was crisp and cold like the end of October. The air you breathed felt solid, it was so crisp. Yesterday, the day was as dull and gloomy like the worst of mid-January (minus the snow and the horrible minus degrees...). Today, the weather is as unpleasant and soggy as a riverbank in March. Yuck.

If someone is still doubting global warming, I think we have definite proof of it now. And for those who say "it's not really 'warming,'" there is still a really weird weather change going on. So please start working on some change! The weather makes me sick! Literally!

I mean, with all the odd weather changes of late, I am not at all surprised that I have caught such a nasty (nasty, NASTY) cold. In all truth, I have caught a man-cold. This is Michael's fault. He had it first. And he really DOES catch man colds. And he just HAD to kiss me while he had said man-cold... *grumble grumble grumble* I hate being sick. I feel really ick. I am currently covered in cold sweat and my voice sounds like that of someone who has been chain-smoking for the past 50 years. Oh, and I look absolutely gorgeous with a red-rimmed nose from all the sniffling and nose-blowing; pasty skin; and really puffy dark circles under my eyes... Sexy!

*Sigh* I actually do not have much more to say. I just felt like complaining about the weather. Partially because the weather is really crappy and because my class is just THAT dull (yes, I am in class).

Tonight is the last night of auditions for Ruddigore (by Gilbert and Sullivan). We are in desperate need for men. You do not have to be a McGill student to participate. So if any Montreal inhabiting man is reading this, please, please, PLEASE come to the SSMU building of McGill and audition on the 4th floor in the so-called clubs lounge. Auditions are from 7 pm to 9 pm. Hope to see some men there! ^_^

Speaking of auditions... seeing as today is the last day, I will have news on the callbacks, hopefully soon. I just hope that I can be called back on the 25th, so that I can redeem myself and hopefully score the role that I wanted...

And I am drifting off on odd tangents right now... I think I will stop here before this post gets out of hand. Please forgive me (I mean it - not the Bryan Adams song!).

My next post will have improved (hopefully) because the pressure my sinuses put on my brain will hopefully have gone by then. Wish me luck!

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