Sunday, August 1, 2010

In which a blogger is very much in love...

I will have to make this short, as it is way past my curfew. Yes. I am THAT tired. I now impose curfews on myself. So far, I have all but failed to actually respect it. I am disappointed in my own sense of discipline (where did that military discipline of mine go? I must have left it in the suitcase Michael brought to Weimar... darn!)

This is just a post to say two things:

a) Michael wrote to me!! ^_^ It made me deliriously happy to see a nice, epic long post from him! I am overjoyed to hear that all is going well! And did you see his comment on my blog!? Did you!! I love him so much and miss him dearly! My tiredness serves as a good distraction, but, sometimes, the "missing Michael" blues hit me really hard. It sucks when it happens on lunch breaks. Anyways - I will update as much as possible my love! You are the best and I know you can do this programme! I think of you and support you!!

b) Today was a very long and very odd day. I got this woman at my counter (at TB... the flights that only go to the USA), who showed up with a manager. From her accent, I deduced that she was German, so I immediately made the switch the the mother tongue. As ever, I was right! ;-D No one can hide the German accent from me! mwahaha!! Anyways, the managers asks me to check in the lady's group. The lady pulls up a stack of eleven passports and I say "sure, no problem!"
I should never have said that! I spent two and a half hours checking people in!! Why? Because the group was a total of 62 people! That's almost the entire aircraft to Laguardia, other than the two seats reserved for crew members! We were aligning the passports and there was not even enough counter to hold them all! However, I had a really nice conversation with the group, who turned out to be a Kammer Orchestra from Germany on tour. It was nice to talk to them. But I went on my break two hours late and half-dead from starvation... That was the less pleasant part.
I also served a passenger who is even more impatient than my father and step-father put together... if that's possible at all. He was quite the piece of work! And my last passenger to boot! Enough said about him, really... he wore me out the most!

Apparently, some of my colleagues had some sexy encounters with guys of the ramp (the men who work on the actual tarmac for those who do not know)... of which I got nothing... No eye-candy for me, sadly. But I got a ton of wheelchairs and walked a long way today...

Oh... and passing by the backyard fence to get out of the house (reminder: missing staircase) is a total nightmare for stockings. I'll let you guess the way those things look now!

Oh... and my roommate accidentally and unfortunately locked herself out of the apartment today. She managed to get back in through the kitchen window really easily though... Can we padlock that window, please?

Okay - that's it for tonight! I should have been in bed two hours ago already!! But Michael's message got me so full of energy! I love him and hearing from him!

Anyways - sorry if this post was dull or not particularly witty... Just letting you know that many more posts will come... and I am tired... but very much in love with my dearest star in the making! ^_^

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