Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photos of Casa Loma

Oh wait! I completely forgot the photos of Casa Loma Renaissance Faire!! Here they are for your viewing pleasure!!

1 2
3 4


1- Me admiring a hawk used for hunting. I have always loved birds of prey and I have always wanted to be one of the falconers (if that's a word) like those in Landshut during the Landshuter Hochzeit.

2- Michael looking cute and his obnoxious (but wonderfully FREE) sword is poking out of his outfit. That's the one his ex made.

3- A front view of my knight (without his shining armour) in the shirt that we bought together at a medieval store in Montreal. He was wearing it beneath the coat and thank goodness for that, because it got so warm he eventually took off the coat.

4- Me, looking cute in my caul and dress and sitting on a lovely little bench in the Casa Loma gardens.

5- Me, holding the sword we got for free (all thanks to my roomate). I am Jeann D'Arc, la Vierge d'Orleans! :P

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