Sunday, June 27, 2010

In which the lock stitch was discovered...

Hello again from a very unreliable blogger! I am really getting frustrated with how poorly I am keeping up with myself... But I am always a) too busy, or b) too tired to actually write on my darling little blog... as you may have noticed, I have a tendency to write A LOT at once, so taking the time to write it all is no small thing.

Anyways... I wanted to thank all those who came to our housewarming party. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for coming!!

Before I mention what I did on the weekend, I need to make everyone aware that befriending a bar-maid is not always the best idea. I went to visit Michael at his restaurant on Thursday... It is a GORGEOUS place! With SUPER expensive food!! It is elegant and really posh and the people who sit there to eat wear really nice evening clothes! Anyways - I was bored on Thursday night and so decided to head over to Michael's restaurant to visit him and keep him some company.

He did a complete double-take when he saw me (... silly man! I am not that good looking! *wink*) and he was really surprised and happy, which made me happy in turn as well. Unfortunately, because he was working, he could barely take the time to speak to me at all. But he did suggest that I get myself a drink. So I sat down at the bar.

Do you know just how dull it is to sit at a bar alone and unaccompanied? Did not think so... most people generally try to avoid it. Anyways - I was just as bored at the bar than I was alone at home (though I at least had the occasional glimpse of Michael's wonderful smile when he looked my way - he makes me so happy!). So I decided to talk to the bar-maid.

She was sooo nice! She was absolutely amazing! She used to be a model, which was cool, because we talked about modeling and travel and it was really an enjoyable evening. So why do I suggest not to befriend a bar-maid? Because I only ended up paying for 1 apple martini. However, I got a glass of Baileys on the Rocks on the house (the bar-maid offered) and, when someone decided they did not want that glass of Chianti after all, the bar-maid asked whether I wanted it or whether she should throw it out... Needless to say I ended up slightly tipsy... Luckily, Michael kept sneaking me food and yummy deserts, so I was fine. But I did sleep like a log. I completely passed out within minutes! XD

Other than that, updates on the weekend. I spent the weekend sewing, actually. I dedicated my weekend to it, as it is the last weekend I will have for a while. My next 2 days in a row off are only as of July 10th. *pout* Stupid schedule! Anyways... I started my wonderful weekend by meeting with my mum and buying 9 meters of the most amazing purple fabric! I love that stuff! I am now wishing I had bought the entire roll, because the fabric is honestly THAT great! And it is perfect for my cosplay too! It came on a brand-new roll and it was on sale at get 3 meters for the price of 1. I got 9 meters. I really wish I had more!!

So I cut my pattern into the fabric while watching the Doctor Who season finale. I have to say, I love their take on the meaning of "Something Old, something New, something Borrowed and something Blue" - you know, that old saying that goes around at a wedding. It was awesome. I want a TARDIS as my "something blue" too!! Much better than a blue garter any day! XD

So the fabric is cut and the sewing will soon be on its way! This costume will be AWESOME!!! The fabric drapes beautifully and I love the way it falls! I am ecstatic about it!! I also whipped up a cute little Renaissance caul out of leftover fabric in about 10 minutes. Did not turn out too bad actually...

Oh! And most importantly... I finally got the instructions to my sewing machine back! Su-su (that's what I have baptised my sewing machine) is now functionning better than ever before! Also, I have finally discovered which dial I had to move to succeed in making an overlock stitch! No more fraying fabric! HUZZAH!!
Needless to say, I spent a lot of my weekend re-stitching some of my costumes that had started to come apart at the seams. The overlock stitch is wonderful... I love it! It makes me squee... though my awesome purple fabric makes me squee even MORE!

Now, before this page gets covered in squees, I will violently change the subject to two things that happened today...

First: tomorrow is the final Air Canada exam... at 6 a.m. That means getting up at 4 a.m. I have to have 80%... It was supposed to be on Wednesday... AAAAAH!!!!! I soooo do not feel ready! God help me and let me pass: I love my job! Please, please, please! I hope I make it!

Second: the stupid bus kept breaking down!! We broke down a grand total of 5 times so that a 1 hour bus route took almost 2!!! The bus just stayed in the middle of a street at rush hour getting honked at, while I was sweating up a storm inside it, wishing nothing more than to get out... But I could not! Because "it is dangerous to go out in the middle of a street!" said the bus driver. Well, I am an adult and I feel quite ready to take the risk, thank you very much. Anyways, I did make it home in the end... I am just appalled that they let buses drive when the engine keeps breaking down.

And with that... I will go study for tomorrow's exam... otherwise I will freak out and not be able to go to bed early.


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