Monday, April 5, 2010

Chapter 16 - In which there are Easter parties

First of all, Happy Easter. It was a fun one, and a good one. Okay, so I didn't do my essays, but, in exchange, I had a super-special-awesome weekend! It was wonderfully relaxing!

I went to all of Michael's Easter services in church. They were really nice: on Sunday, they sang the Halleluja chorus from Haendel's Messiah. It made me happy. But I have to say that the Maundy Thursday one, on top of being rather depressing (all about the last supper and death and with only very few attendees to the service), gave me the creeps. They turned off all the lights in the church, and churches have lots of creepy dark corners, and then the organ player began playing loud dissonant notes expressing the "agony in Gethsemane"... it was SUPER CREEPY! I truly expected a vampire to jump out at me... or some creepy guy with a knife that would stab the person in the row in front of him, or something... Honestly, it seemed directly taken from Matthew Gregory Lewis' The Monk!! Waaaay to gothic to make you feel comfortable!
But, aside from that, I really had a great time! We went to a couple of family parties thrown by my family and Michael was very on-demand for singing last night. I think he enjoyed it. And the food was absolutely delightful!

However, on the way to the first party (on Sunday), my darling baby brother (of no less than 17) decided to act really smart again. He rolled down his window as we were driving through Montreal and poked out his head and made some dumb grimace at a police car. I guess the policeman must have had a terrible day, because he wasn't happy. He rolled up beside us and this is the conversation that ensued:
Policeman - "Does your son have a problem?"
Sandra and my dad *completely befuddled, as they didn't see my brother's grimace* - "No, officer. Why do you ask?"
Policeman - "Because he seems to have a problem with the police; he was making faces at us."
Sandra - "Oh? Do you want to keep him then? We wouldn't mind!"
At which the cop said no and continued his way. But I can't BELIEVE my brother is still doing immature stuff like that! Seriously, you'd think he's five! And all he was whining about all the rest of the way to the party was about how "the cops are fascist" and "is this not a free country anymore, can I not do what I want?!" I am tired of hearing those lines!!!
God, it's good to vent!

And today, I discovered the most unsatisfactory food on the planet. Crab. Michael will disagree with me when I say it is unsatisfying, but if you really think about it, it is very true. I am NOT saying that crab is not delicious. In fact, it is totally scrumptious! However, it is too much work for far too little food! Honestly! You're hacking and pulling and cracking the bloody crustacian apart only to get a very small amount of its meat! How dumb is that? I mean, you'd need to eat about ten of these things to get a full stomach if you decide to eat crab unaccompanied by bread or anything... Oh, and another annoying thing with crab: eating it means you're ready to lose all of your self-respect. Why do I say that? Because picking and prying it apart means you get sprayed with crab juices and your fingers become very smelly. I doubt my glasses will ever be clean again after this meal... Again, I do not say it wasn't delicious: I am saying it is a disappointing meal because you do not get properly rewarded for all the effort you put into obtaining the bloody sustenance!!
Crab... you have cause an inner battle for me... I do not know whether to love or hate you: you taste yummy, but you make my meal hell!

So that's it. I won't describe the parties and tell you how all the aunts and uncles and cousins are doing. Suffice to say that they are doing well. This post will be 10 pages long before I even went through half the details.

So that'll be it for today.

Oh, and I am sorry if some of you think I update too much too often. I just have a lot to say. What can I say? In my defence, it also helps keep people I love (yes, you mum!) updated about what's going on in my life... and I suppose it means that I am not a shallow person with little to say... right? Right.

Good night. And good luck! :D

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