Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay people! I'm having a poll here - time to vote!! (What do you mean, "make your own decisions?" Everyone loves a vote!!)

What are you voting for? What I am to cosplay at the upcoming Anime North. I'm NOT letting another year of AN pass me by without me being there! That's just a no-go!!

So here are the costume options...

1. Erica Fontaine (battle outfit) from Sakura Taisen 3

Erica is the character on the left (*edit: she's actually the one in red, on the right... my bad), with the red outfit and the brown hair. Love her boots!! ^__^

2. Eclair (main red outfit) from Kiddy Grade

Note on the costume: the middle cross bit is skin - not a patch of white, so the dress basically has major cleavage... also, the skirt is ultra-short.

3. Lunamaria Hawke (Zaft Uniform) from Gundam Seed Destiny

This is very basic: jacket and pleated skirt with some boot covers, though the jacket has a lot of weird details that'll need some pattern tweaking... sorry I don't have a front view!

Okay - so, to your keyboards and.... VOTE!! (vote in the comments)



  1. Up to you kiddo but I like the Zaft uniform best, especially with your legs and but a skirt like that would be extremely flattering.

    XO B

  2. I VOTE FOR ERICA!!!!! YAY!!!!! She is actually the one on the right, not on the left. I LOVE YOU JUDITH!!!!


  3. Yeah right! *blows raspberry*
    Shut up! I know I have no sense of direction: leave me alone, I'm awesome!!

  4. I vote for Erica! Because her costume seems totally bad ass!

    Ryu (aka Josée <D)

  5. Lol if you want just SICK boots go erica, but if you want cleavage (and to send pics to michael so he can get all googly and jealous lol) I'd go with #2. Mostly, because it is REALLY hot! :P

  6. Out of the three outfits I like number 2 the best but you wouldn't be wearing much. If you were going for modesty, I would say number 3 is pretty as well.