Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chapter One - In which Naria introduces herself

A blog!
I cannot believe this! Honestly!
As someone who hates writing in a diary, the sudden discovery that I now have a blog is mildly frightening... Then again, no one (other than my friends to whom I will send this address) is very likely to read me...

Now, in order to avoid any questions as to "why a blog?" I will answer now: I just need to vent my thoughts sometimes. My wonderful boyfriend, Michael, is usually the person I vent my thoughts, insane dreams and over-the-top imagination on... and I'm afraid he won't live long if I keep this up. He's sweet, he really is - but dealing with an aspiring actress and author cannot be easy... I feel sorry for him (I know how difficult I can be! ^__^ ) So there. I just need to vent my thoughts and my imagination... So if a post is really out of the ordinary weird, it will no doubt be either a dream or a story that came to mind that I just HAD to post... My urges to write sometimes take over, and (I have to admit, my mum can sometimes be right...) I should publish some of these silly urges. I felt like a blog would be the best way to start: no publisher to reject your work! :P

Should I say anything about myself...? Ah, well, maybe not... I'll do that later. (I gather you have already found out I am a terrible procrastinator!) I have a rehearsal in half an hour and I must get dressed. (I have awesome new character shoes... they're so comfy! I am so happy about them - I keep hopping... ---- sorry; ranting!)

Oh well... see you later anyway!! (Whoever you may be!)

--- Naria

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